December Lifestyle Favourites

31 December 2014

My Bloglovin' feed is choc-a-bloc of NYE posts and you don't need to read yet another, so today I'm bringing you my December Non-Beauty Favourites. 

One of the most prevalent things this month has been the discovery of superfoods. It all started with binge reading through the blog of Tanya Burr's pal Niomi Smart. She's recently turned vegan, so she's got some great super healthy recipes! 

The Mascara Edit

30 December 2014

I've worked up quite a collection of mascaras, and I just can't abide by the use one for 3 months rule. Writing this list has really opened my eyes to how many mascaras I own. A girl needs to stop!

CoLab Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo

29 December 2014

Ever since their launch, I'd been lusting over Ruth Crilly's collection of dry shampoos, and hadn't been able to get my mitts on them until now. I found them half price at Superdrug, at only £1.33 for the 50ml cans, so I thought I'd pick up all five scents, as I wasn't sure which appealed to me the most. If you're not familiar with Ruth Crilly, she's a model turned blogger and YouTube extraordinaire, at A Model Recommends. If you want to know all the backstage beauty secrets, Ruth is your gal.

December Beauty Favourites

24 December 2014

I'm going to kick off my December Favourites with a few bits from The Body Shop. I recently bought the Vanilla Brulée Hand Cream and it has fast become my most reached for scent! At first I wasn't that excited about their Christmas range, but I tried this cream in store and fell for it's delicate creamy vanilla scent.  

December Empties

11 December 2014

I love empties posts and I've been collecting up a stash of empty products for a while as I haven't had the chance to sit down and put them all into a post! I've got a good mix of skincare and beauty bits, so carry on reading to see what I loved and what I didn't and the items that made it onto The Repurchase List...

LAQA&CO Nail Varnish in Incestuous

This was a birthday present from my best friends two years ago. It is a gorgeous lilac shade, very similar to Essie Play Date, one of my favourites. The pen style was fab in theory, but it ended up drying up so I didn't get much use out of it. 

Makeup Revolution Enchant

10 December 2014

The Amazing Lipstick in Enchant is the very first lipstick I bought from Makeup Revolution. It has caught my eye for a while now, but I put it down about a month ago in Superdrug because it wasn't going to be worth getting it for free in a 3 for 2 when I could be getting a £10 product for free. But I finally picked it up this week!

November Beauty Favourites

30 November 2014

This month I've not been too adventurous with my beauty favourites, and haven't really worn much make up at all! To top it off, I've only had a small makeup bag of products, instead of my whole stash, so this list might be pretty similar to previous favourites. With the prevalence of L'Oréal products, this November favourites may as well be called The L'Oréal Show. 

What's In My Bag TAG

29 November 2014

I got chatting to Lucy from the blog LucyLou on Twitter during one of the chats and decided on a What's in my Bag TAG. I've never done a What's In My Bag before but I have wanted to for a while so I thought what better time to do it than with another lovely blogger. We decided to add a few questions to make it a bit more interesting, and then show you what's in our bags. Here are my answers...

Winter Essentials TAG with Annie's Beauty Blog

28 November 2014

After chatting with the lovely Annie from Annie's Beauty Blog (she truly has a beautiful blog. Check it out, it's amazing!), we joked we should create a winter tag for our very first collab post. We both posed 5 questions each, and answered them without seeing each other's responses. Let's see what we both thought! 

The Parisian Christmas Bake Off Book Review

21 November 2014

The Parisian Christmas Bake Off by Jenny Oliver  follows Rachel, a young primary school teacher. Following the death of her mother at Christmas, Rachel a) hates Christmas and b) refuses to bake. Her friends decide to surprise her by entering her into a bakery competition in Paris just before Christmas. Reluctantly she heads to Paris, only to find her dreams of champagne and glamour shattered as she is lead up to a dingy apartment. A glimpse of the Champs Élysées out the window reminds her of what she's there to do, bake in the glamorous surroundings of the most romantic city on earth. 

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

15 November 2014

REN's newest release is the Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial (£32). A facial in one minute I hear you say? That is definitely something that appeals to the busy folk. REN say... "A transforming treatment that instantly revitalizes and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with potent water-activated Vitamin C it will neutralize urban grey in a flash, leaving skin looking firm, toned and smoothed, while reducing the signs of fatigue, photo-ageing and skin imperfections. Skin instantly glows with renewed 
health and radiance."

Discover a Blog November

9 November 2014

This is the first month I have offered advertising spots and I have loved it! There has been a great reception, and I have really enjoyed interacting with other bloggers and discovering some new reads. We also have some exciting guest posts coming up in the coming months, so stay tuned for those! I have three lovely new bloggers to introduce to you this month, all with amazing blogs, so I urge you to go and check them out!

Heading into Winter with ISWAI

ISWAI or It Starts With An Idea is the brains of former Made In Chelsea beauty, Caggie Dunlop. ISWAI is an online fashion boutique, which started out with a collection of five t-shirts. It has now expanded to sell hand picked collections of fashion and accessories, in collaboration with four exclusive designers. Here's my wishlist from the A/W Caggie's Wardrobe collection...

Winter Sunday Rituals

To me, Sunday is a day of relaxation. More often than not, Sunday is laundry day, which also means fresh bedsheets! My Sunday starts off with a little lie in, and a trip down the road to Lidl to pick up one of their freshly baked blueberry muffins. I always burn Yankee Candle Berrylicious, dubbed The Sunday Morning Candle, as it smells exactly like I've baked the muffins myself. I usually pair the muffin with a cosy cappuccino, or an earl grey tea.

Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette

8 November 2014

I was eager to try the Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette ever since I'd seen Amelia Liana rave about so I searched for it every time I went into a Superdrug or Boots. To my annoyance, it was always sold out but I managed to eventually get my hands on it, and have been road testing it for a few weeks. 

The October Playlist | James Bay, Twin Atlantic, Ben Howard

2 November 2014

So October was a bit of a slow month for music, as I didn't really download a great deal. However this list features an artist enabled by Tanya Burr, new tracks from Taylor Swift and One Direction, and a gorgeous new track from chilled songwriter Ben Howard.

3AM Kisses Book Review

The latest read has been 3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore. I got this as a free download from iBooks, so I didn't really know what to expect from it. Thankfully 3:AM Kisses far surpassed my expectations. It won't have you on the edge of your seat, but it is fun, sexy and an easy-going read.

MUA Undress Me Too Palette

1 November 2014

Following on from my Make Up Academy Undressed Palette review (here), this post takes a look at the next palette in the series, the Undress Me Too Palette. Yes it is a Naked 2 dupe, but again I don't own that palette, so I cannot compare. I bought this more because I wanted to see whether I'd use the shades. These are more cool toned than the first, and personally I don't wear a great deal of silvers on my eyes, I gravitate towards more gold and warm-toned browns. However I have quite fancied using shades like these as of late. While I haven't used this palette half as much as the Undressed, it does have some really great shades that are unlike any others in my collection. I don't think the shade range is as well balanced however.

MUA Undressed Palette

Apologies about the state of this palette. It just shows that it is much loved. MUA is a budget brand, and this palette comes in at an impressive £4. Beauty buffs can't fail to notice that this is a pretty close dupe for the palette that started it all, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Now I haven't tried this, so I cannot really compare, but shade-wise it looks pretty similar. The original Naked palette had always been my favourite, but at £38 it was a pricey buy. I decided instead to get this one. I wasn't sure whether I would use the shades, as I already had many similar colours. I thought it would be better to try this one, then if I really love it I can splurge, or if there are only a few shades I like I can just buy those instead.

October Beauty Favourites

This month has been a rather exciting one for my makeup collection. October is my birthday month, and armed with a little birthday cash, I headed to MAC to buy my first ever MAC palette, and finally became the proud owner of a 217. I chose a rather autumn appropriate set of shades, featuring Cranberry, Blackberry, All That Glitters and Satin Taupe. I've been using these all throughout the month, for daytime wear and more dramatic night time looks, and its safe to say my collection will not stop there! 

Ooops...Another Yankee Candle Haul

26 October 2014

I've been busy buying more Yankee Candles. Sorry, not sorry. Since burning Snowflake Cookie for the first time last weekend, I've actually been reaching for some of my Christmassy scents that I'd actually been reserving for December, but I simply just wanted to feel a bit on the festive side. I picked up a few seasonal scents, and a few others I'd been after. 

Beauty Blogger Inspired Fragrance Sampling

20 October 2014

I am on the lookout for a new fall perfume, so I have been busy sampling scents over the last few weeks. I spoke about the ones I'd been lusting after in my #bbloggers fragrance faves post, and here are my thoughts now that I've tried a few of them. See by Chloe has been raved about by many of the beauty blogging big guns over the last few months, so I was so excited to try it. I found this one slightly disappointing however, finding its cool vanilla notes a little like furniture polish, and just not as pretty and girlie as the scents I'd usually go for. I wonder whether the new twist See by Chloe Eau Fraiche would be more up my street.

A Seductive Boss Book Review

15 October 2014

A Seductive Boss is the third book in the Romance in France series by Marie-Louise Damberte. It follows the story of young Chinese-American Jessica who, through family connections wins a internship in a top architectural company in Paris. Young and naive, Jessica makes the move to Paris, where she meets Gaëtan, who falls fiercely in love with her. However, Jessica quickly falls under the spell of their dominating boss, Etienne. She wonders what a world famous architect could want with a young, inexperienced intern like her, but little did she know, all he wanted was to seduce her. They enjoy a fleeting "romance" in this Fifty Shades style novel, until Jessica starts to fall in too deep and begins to feel hurt by his attitudes toward her. Breaking away from Etienne, she comes to her senses and falls in love for real. 

I'm Dreaming of a LUSH Christmas...

So last week I was browsing in town when I decided to pop into Lush. As usual, there wasn't anything I was really looking for, and decided to have a browse, especially since they have their new Christmas and Halloween ranges out at the moment. The store wasn't overly busy on a Wednesday afternoon, so the Cardiff Lush girls took the time to run through a few of the new products with me. They recommended products I wouldn't usually have gone for, and went to so much effort to demonstrate some of them. 

Essence First Impressions

5 October 2014

Essence is a German budget brand that has recently launched in Wilkos, with prices ranging from £1-£4. These are the first Essence items I have tried, after seeing them featured on a few blogs recently. I didn't have much of an idea about which products to get, so I just picked up a few that took my fancy. 

3 Product Smoky Eye

21 September 2014

Today's look is inspired by two YouTube tutorials I recently watched, the Bobbi Brown super-easy smoky eye, and a Cheryl Cole look Lisa Eldridge did for the cover of Elle. I was shopping earlier on today and came across the Gosh Forever  shadow sticks and thought the deep, metallic, taupey shade of Brown would be amazing smudged across the lid. 

September Empties

19 September 2014

So this is not so much "Empties" rather, "Stuff I didn't take home with me to save space in my luggage!" For those of you that don't know, as part of my course I am on placement all around Wales, so it involves staying away for a month at a time. This month I've been in hospital accommodation in Swansea, which is like being back in halls #freshers. Let's start with the stuff I actually did finish...

Christmas Yankee Candle Haul

18 September 2014

I know it's a little keen seeing as it's only September, and last week I was only just transitioning to my autumn scents. I was just so excited when I saw the Christmas offerings out on the shelves to smell as it's the first Christmas I've been into Yankee Candles. I thought I'd snap some up while I've got the chance. Ofc I won't be burning them till at least December *cough October*. All descriptions taken from I've included a quick description of the scent on cold smell.

The Autumn Makeup Shake Up

The last time I did a post like this was back in February when I properly started blogging. I'm sure you'll agree that my blog has changed a lot since then! I'm just going to run through  the products I use on a day-to-day basis.

Autumnal Makeup Look

16 September 2014

For this make up look I've taken inspiration from autumnal shades including burgundy and copper. MAC Cranberry has been huge news over the blogosphere as the seasons have been changing, and having realised I already own a similar shade, I decided to have a go at a look. It's not a shade I've ever really used before, but I'd like to try to work it into my repertoire.

#bbloggers Fragrance Faves

15 September 2014

Now the season's on the change, I've been craving a shift from my summer favourite, uber-fruity Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! and I've been on the hunt for a more autumn-appropriate scent. There are a select few scents that are so highly raved about on so many blogs, so I've looked to these for inspiration.

Drugstore Dash

This weekend my mother treated me to a bit of money, and it was great just to grab  everything I've been lusting after in the drugstore without worrying about the price! This is probably the most I've spent in Superdrug in a long while, and the third haul in a row. Probably should stop hauling for the sake of my bank balance, oops!  

Fashion & Beauty Haul | Topshop, H&M, TheBalm

10 September 2014

This weekend I toddled into town in desperate need of some clothes for the new season. I'd been lusting after some Topshop black ripped jeans for ages, so understandably I was devastated when they didn't have my size. However I found these zipped babies for £40. They're very similar to a pair Zara are currently stocking, which got featured in a recent Lily Pebbles video. These fortunately, are 100 times more flattering than the Zara ones which quite frankly made my arse look huge...

Beauty & Skincare Haul | Topshop, The Body Shop, Boots

31 August 2014

This weekend, I went into Cardiff City Centre and picked up a few bits from Boots, H&M, Topshop and The Body Shop. It wasn't a huge haul, but I managed to pick a few products that have been on my wish list for quite a while, so I thought it'd be nice to share what I got.

August Beauty Favourites

28 August 2014

La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo + (£15.50)

By now, every blogger and her dog will have heard of the much hyped Effeclar Duo +. It's a product that I was dying to try after reading rave reviews, and it does not disappoint. It promises to be anti-blemish, and to reduce appearance of scars, but what I really love is the gel-like consistency, fresh smell and cooling feel. It is a very light moisturiser that really seems to suit my skin. 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

27 August 2014

The Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is one of those products that's so highly raved about amongst the blogosphere. It's one of those brands that seems to consistently deliver, judging on the amount of positive reviews out there. This is my first foray into the world of Bumble and Bumble, purchasing the Surf Spray in the smaller, 50ml bottle, for £9.50 from Selfridges.

Ghost Eclipse

18 August 2014

I received a free rollerball of the new Ghost fragrance, Eclipse (RRP from £24 for 30ml) with the October issue of Marie Claire. I much prefer the rollerball application of fragrance than a spray, especially if it is pretty strong. On first impressions, I found Eclipse to be fruity. After a few minutes, it started to smell pretty familiar. It is a dead ringer for M&S Azure Breeze, a supposed dupe for cult classic Light Blue, from Dolce and Gabanna, so I hot footed it to fragrance website (one of my personal faves) to check out the notes. 

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!

I'm starting off a series of in depth perfume reviews with my current favourite, Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs. I was inspired by a recent #bbloggers chat on Twitter, where I posed the question What is your signature scent? Lots of people replied, with scents I have never heard of, and I love discovering new scents. Perfume is a kind of journey for me, and fragrance posts are some of my favourites to both write and read. 

Everyday Makeup Look

16 August 2014

I thought I'd share a really natural, pretty look as my face of the day, as it's so easy but still looks super polished. I used a few different products to my usual makeup routine, and was really pleased with the results. 

On The Island Book Review

On The Island by Tracey Garvis Graves (£7.99) is a tale of a young teacher, Anna, and 17 year old student, TJ. One summer, Anna signs up to tutor TJ on his family holiday in the Maldives. Paradise right? However things take a turn for the worst when Anna and TJ have to fly out a day later than TJ's family. The pilot of the sea plane suffers a heart attack whilst in the air, and all of a sudden, Anna and TJ are fighting for their lives. They manage to swim to an island, of which they make their home for the next few years. During those few years, TJ grows from boy to man, which can't escape Anna's attention. 

Song of the Week: Budapest - George Ezra

11 August 2014

The world is hot off the shoulders of 21 year old George Ezra's hit track Budapest. It became the soundtrack to the first month in our new Uni house, so I downloaded his album Wanted On Voyage, just in time for summer. The highlight, and this week's #SOTW is Cassy O'. Cassy O' has the same chilled, acoustic vibes, with it's catchy lyrics and a driving, guitar-led beat. The singer-songwriter, born George Ezra Barnett, cites Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie as influences to his bluesy style. 

Album Wanted On Voyage was released at the end of June, and peaked at number 3 in the UK album chart. On the album you will find tracks along the same line as Budapest and Cassy O', mellow and acoustic. It's the perfect soundtrack to summer if you enjoy artists such as Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons and Tom Odell, the latter of whom Ezra supported on tour.

I hope you've enjoyed checking out my Song of the Week. Make sure you have a listen via YouTube below. Comment below what you think of George Ezra and if you've got any music recommendations, let me know!

Lush Big Shampoo

25 June 2014

Lush Big Shampoo

I've been using the Lush BIG Shampoo (£12.75 for 330g) for a good few weeks now, and I still love it as much as I did when I first tried it! I have never really enjoyed washing my hair before, but this shampoo makes the chore a real treat. On opening the tub, you are greeted with a thick gel with salt crystals suspended in it. It takes some getting used to, having shampoo out of a tub, but it's not too much of an issue. My only quibble is that I'm scared I'll knock the tub over the side of the bath, and not to keen on getting water in it, diluting the formula.

Drugstore Beauty & Skincare Haul

23 June 2014

This Sunday I went wild in town in the skincare section of Boots. I originally went into town with the prospect of buying some holiday clothes, but once again, I fell victim to the fateful 3 for 2. First of all I picked up the uber-hyped blogger favourite La Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo+ (£15.50), one that I was very excited to try.

The Secret Shopper's Revenge Book Review

22 June 2014

The Secret Shopper's Revenge (paperback £7.99) by Kate Harrison follows three women involved in a top-secret shopping society. Just looking at the cover, and indeed the title, is sufficient to gage that it is chick lit at its finest. Chick lit just happens to be my favourite category of book as it just allows pure escapism from my life. It's definitely not the most educational genre, but it works perfectly to de-stress. Very much like movies, with the more dark novels I often find them difficult to get into, and so get bored easily. The Secret Shopper's Revenge was very easy to get into, which is exactly what I want from a book, especially when I might be picking it up at random times.

Rose Gold Summer Makeup Look

21 June 2014

For my face of the day, I was playing around with some of my products to create some summer holiday looks. As I'm going to Zante at the end of July, I want to create a bank of fail-safe summer looks. I'll be able to plan the products I'm taking, as well as minimise the time spent doing my makeup, meaning more time for cocktails!

Viva Brazil!

17 June 2014

This past week, the nation has gotten World Cup fever, and what better way to get in the mood than burn some Brazilian themed scents from Yankee Candle and Glade! All four of my picks are very green, tropical scents, that evoke images of sunny beaches and exotic cocktails.

Summer Crush Makeup Look

16 June 2014

Today has been another absolutely gorgeous day, and as I did my make-up to pop to the shops, I thought I'd do another Face of the Day post. I wanted something quick and easy, and was going to go with a nude or pink lip when I decided to test out a new Revlon lip crayon, and found that you actually can rock a berry lip in summer!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil

15 June 2014

It has now been a week since my latest haul, and I picked up so many products in need of a review. I've not used a lot of the products enough to do a review on them yet, but these two are the ones I've used most in the last week. Both products are by far beauty blogger favourites. That's right, I'm talking about the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse and the coveted Rêve de Miel lip balm.

Summer Rays Makeup Look

14 June 2014

Despite being ill, I decided to go take a walk in beautiful sunny Cardiff! I've not worn make-up pretty much all week, as I find after a long day of placement, I end up looking worse than without make-up! (If you have any suggestions for long-lasting make-up, please comment below!). So I was excited to spend a little time creating a look, today going for a simple taupe eye and nude lip.

Hungover Hauling

8 June 2014

Today was technically a hangover day, but as it was so sunny out, I decided to take a trip into town to see what Cardiff had to offer. Clearly today I was pretending I had won the lottery, as I bought quite a few high-end beauty items, oops! It did seem to heal my hangover though...

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