The Perfect Nude Lip

23 February 2014

My mission of the moment is to discover the perfect nude lip colour. However this is proving to be a challenge as nude shades seem to be particularly temperamental. A nude lip can go one of two ways. It can look classy and polished, or like a slap of cheap concealer..

My first foray into the nude lipstick world was a few years ago when I picked up the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick (£5.49) in 026. This was the first nude lipstick I ever bought, and I liked it! However I wasn't the biggest lipstick fan, as I found them dry and chalky in texture, and this was no different.

I found the shade was too pale and it made me look a bit dead and washed out. Another flaw with this product was that it tended to "stick" around the corners of my mouth, making it wear away unevenly, another reason why I am yet to be a lipstick fan. I cannot swatch for you as I unfortunately lost this on a night out during freshers. Looking back, I managed to lose a lot of lipsticks during that week...

And so, the mission continues...
I'll keep you posted.


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