Chaiholics, Cardiff

31 March 2014

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Chaiholics is an independently run tea house on Wellfield Road, Cardiff. As a die-hard chai lover, it did not disappoint. I opted for the cardamom chai (£2.85) as I didn't really know what to go for and was told it was their best seller. It was very similar to the authentic chai I have had at Indian friends' houses and make at home, which is a fresh change to the creamy offerings of the UK coffee chains.

Inside Chaiholics is unlike any other coffee house. They have tried to make it as authentic as possible, from intricate detailing on the ceiling to the tables and chairs. The service is second to none, with the staff being very helpful when I said I hadn't been in before and didn't know what to get. Chaiholics has a wide range of chai blends, along with single-origin teas and cold drinks. My next purchase will definitely be the iced rose tea, as it sounds amazing! I also had a generous slice of blueberry and lemon cake (£2.45). The flavour was spot on and it had a moist, moreish texture. I could have easily eaten another slice.

For those of you that aren't familiar with chai, it is a hot, milky, tea based drink flavoured with Indian spices. Typically, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper make up the classic chai masala. I find it really comforting and like to drink it really sweet. It's great knowing there's somewhere I can get an authentic product when my chai craving kicks in, and I can't wait to sample some of the other blends.

UPDATE - I went in again and ordered the iced rose tea, which came like a milkshake and tasted like white chocolate turkish delight, and the paneer skewers, which were served with a spicy tikka masala coating, peppers, salad, mint and yoghurt dip and a tortilla wrap. Both were enjoyable, and I know for a fact I would order the skewers again.

Are you a chai fan?

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