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26 March 2014

Next is a bit of an underdog when it comes to affordable fragrance options. Just Pink was one of the first perfumes that I ever loved, and probably one of the only scents I have repurchased. I haven't picked up any of their scents for a while but I always think it is worth a look.

The scent that I was most drawn to is Milan (£8) as initially it reminded me of the Marc Jacobs for women perfume I've been itching to purchase for the last month. I was over the moon to find this dupe for about 1/10th of the price! Sadly I have to say that I no longer view this as a dupe. Looking at the notes, I imagine it smelling very similar to DKNY Be Delicious, which definitely isn't a bad thing, as I've been meaning to try that perfume too.

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I do actually really like this scent. It's cool fruity floral tones make it an ideal replacement for the recently finished rollerball of Jack Wills Hope Cove, although definitely less spicy. I find it a perfect splash for spring. It's light and fruity, in a classy way. I have come to slightly dislike overly fruity fragrances, finding them a bit cheap and overpowering, but this is very well composed. 

You still have the romantic element of the white florals coming through. I don't find I get much of the base, which I think affects this perfume's longetivity. I'd say I'd have to reapply after about 3 hours, but at this ridiculously cheap price, you can afford to spray it as much as you like.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase, although it doesn't quite serve its purpose as a Marc Jacobs dupe. It is on similar lines though, so may be a good indicator of whether I'd enjoy that style of perfume. Maybe if/when I finish this I will consider going for the real thing.

Have you tried any of Next's perfumes?

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