Sampling Spring Scents

5 March 2014

It's that time of year when winter is on it's way out, and it'll soon be time to ditch the heavy, spicy perfumes in favour of something a little lighter. I've had a few scents on my mind for a while, but never found the perfect one for springtime. I headed into Debenhams with a few scents in mind and made their fragrance department my playground for an hour or two. Cue a ramble about my findings...

One at the top of my "to test" list was Marc Jacobs Daisy (from £54). This is a hugely popular scent that , although I find pleasant and fresh, I have never fallen in love with. Despite that, I do think it's violet notes have a little sparkle that is just perfect for spring. Dot  (from £39) is more up my street, with its coconut water and driftwood notes. Love me a bit of coconut...

Talking of Daisy, a scent that bears a resemblance is Balenciaga Paris (from £48). This is a much more grown-up version, but it lacks that sparkle I mentioned above. When I turned to a much more current Balenciaga fragrance Rosabotanica (from £56), I was pleasantly surprised at its spicy rose notes. I spritzed this on my wrist and as I walked home in the rain, the notes went perfectly. This could be a great scent for April showers.

I then headed to the wonderful Jo Malone boutique, one of my personal favourite stores. I gave their White Jasmine & Mint cologne (from £39) a spritz and was instantly besotted. The initial mint twist is sharp, but it soon settles to a beautifully fresh white floral. This is an interesting scent that may need to be added to my collection in the near future.

I was surprised by a few scents I smelt today, particularly Rosabotanica and White Jasmine & Mint. I think Daisy and Dot will need another test, and I am keen to check out the new offerings in the DKNY Be Delicious line.

Have you found your spring scent yet?

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