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12 March 2014

Not so long ago, I documented the results of a long afternoon of spritzing and sniffing my way through the Debenhams fragrance department in the search for the perfect spring scent (read the post here). I came up with a short list of scents that I wanted to give another go before I made a decision.

I went straight back to Marc Jacobs Daisy (from £54), to see if it could win me over. I still found it somewhat one-dimensional, whereas I like something that really adapts to create something special on my skin. However there must be a reason why I can just give this one the elbow, so I plan to get my hands on a sample.

A scent that I had never seen before was the original Marc Jacobs for women (from £45). This has a predominant note of gardenia, which is new to me. I find that this smells a lot like coconut (probably why I like it), even though there are no such notes. I was amazed when I went back to smell the sample card that I could still smell it 3 days later. I am in love with the dry down - a feminine white floral, with depth and an elegant sweetness. This is a scent that I haven't been able to stop thinking about...

Another scent I ended up testing was ChloĆ© Eau de Parfum (from £47). Back in the autumn, I got a bit spritz happy in store with this, and it ended up lingering on my coat and scarf for weeks, making me feel a bit sick. I used to love the scent, and fully intended on purchasing it, so I am trying to ease back into it. I enjoyed its heady rose notes this time around, so I have ordered a sample from eBay. 

I am really tempted to blind buy Lovely (RRP from £35) by Sarah Jessica Parker, after reading reviews on Fragrantica. I need something for an everyday spritz, and this sounds warm and comforting, with lavender and musk.

So it looks like I'll be picking up sample vials of Daisy, as well as Florabotanica (mentioned in the previous post). As much as the Marc Jacobs spoke to me, I don't feel like its our time. It's the sort of scent worthy of being a wedding fragrance rather than an everyday spritzer. I'm also going to give Chloe and Lovely a go, even though I'd class them as more cosy floral scents. The search for the perfect spring scent continues...

What scents are you loving right now?

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