Song of the Week: Cucurucu - Nick Mulvey

11 March 2014

Yes it's that time again! For my song of the week, I have selected Cucurucu by Nick Mulvey. Currently #9 in the UK Top 40, this chilled-out indie effort from homegrown singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey. This is the second single from his debut studio album due to be released in May, titled First Minds. I'm sure this album will be the soundtrack to my summer. 

Cucurucu is a smooth, guitar-led ditty. Whilst not actually knowing the meaning of the word 'Cucurucu', the song portrays a relaxed, care-free spirit. I look forward to seeing some of the gorgeous Nick's other efforts. 

Nick Mulvey has a rather interesting background. He moved to Havana, Cuba to study music and art, then studied ethnomusicology back in the UK. He was previously a member of Portico Quartet, a jazz band that used the saxaphone, double bass, drums and hang - a percussion instrument, to create their sounds. Discover their music here.

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