Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

3 June 2014

I'd wanted the Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser ever since its UK launch back in January, and had almost bought it a good few times. This product is probably the most well-known dupe of the Benefit Porefessional (see my review here), despite there being a whole host of other primers available.

Baby Skin is a clear, silicone gel which smooths skin, fills in pores and minimises oil. I find that it leaves a slightly greasy residue on the fingers, which was one of the reasons I'd put of getting this for so long, however this (thankfully) does not translate on to the face. 

My mother truly loves this product, only recently discovering primers, and religiously uses this everyday. She likes to use this alone on her face, even skipping out on her much loved CC cream! A primer is great for a "naked skin" day, as it feels moisturising, but doesn't leave you with an oil slick of a t-zone, the dreaded look of bare skin. I find foundation does apply well over the Baby Skin primer, but the big questions are:

a) Does it minimise pores?
b) Does it reduce shine?
c) How does it compare to the Porefessional?

A) Truthfully, I don't think any product really does anything about the large pores on either side of my nose, so I can't really comment!

B) My t-zone still got shiny at the end of the day. However, I tried this on top of a sunscreen (sunscreens are notoriously oily), and you could see it had a mattifying effect.

C) When testing this over the sunscreen, I did a direct comparison with the Benefit Porefessional, putting one on each side of the face. Sorry to say that the Porefessional completely trumped the Baby Skin in terms of decreasing shine. The Maybelline option is however a lot cheaper at £7.99 compared with £24.50, both for 22ml of product.

This does not quite have the WOW factor of it's Benefit counterpart, nor does it perform quite as well. I'm being quite negative here, but it is by no means a bad product. It does a great job as an entry-level primer, and if you don't already own the Porefessional, then you may be happy with this. If you do have the Benefit one, you definitely don't need both in your collection.

What do you think of Baby Skin?

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