The Secret Shopper's Revenge Book Review

22 June 2014

The Secret Shopper's Revenge (paperback £7.99) by Kate Harrison follows three women involved in a top-secret shopping society. Just looking at the cover, and indeed the title, is sufficient to gage that it is chick lit at its finest. Chick lit just happens to be my favourite category of book as it just allows pure escapism from my life. It's definitely not the most educational genre, but it works perfectly to de-stress. Very much like movies, with the more dark novels I often find them difficult to get into, and so get bored easily. The Secret Shopper's Revenge was very easy to get into, which is exactly what I want from a book, especially when I might be picking it up at random times.

Sandie, wrongly fired from her beloved job in a posh London department store acts to get revenge on hoity-toity sales assistants. Emily,  after being abandoned with a toddler by her ass of a husband, takes Secret Shopping in her stride, despite holding onto her dream life in London by a thread.  And finally there's  Grazia, proud muse of her late artist husband, whose life in a country manor is more flawed than everyone thinks. 

The girls are thrown together to create a bond that started with secret shopping, and ended with friendship. This is a story of love, letting go and of course, shopping! Harrison's writing is witty, and each of the characters she has created are all very different, yet likeable and relatable. This is the first novel of hers that I have read, and it will not be the last!

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