Viva Brazil!

17 June 2014

This past week, the nation has gotten World Cup fever, and what better way to get in the mood than burn some Brazilian themed scents from Yankee Candle and Glade! All four of my picks are very green, tropical scents, that evoke images of sunny beaches and exotic cocktails.

I usually find Glade candles a bit hit and miss, but I recently picked up an amazing fruity number, Tropical Twist. This smells like mangoes, pineapple and tropical fruit, and I have been really impressed with the quality. Moving onto Yankee Candles and the first scent is one of my favourites, Pineapple Cilantro. This is a really summery, fruity scent, that smells exactly like Pina Colada cocktails, and gets you in the summery mood without being too overpowering. 

Next we have an oldie, Wild Passionfruit, which again is super-fruity and smells really exotic. There is an element of peppery spice deep inside Wild Passionfruit, which leaves you craving the sweet and sour combo! My final Rio themed Yankee scent is a newbie to my collection, Margarita Time. This is very limey, but it also very sugary at the same time, and smells like some kind of sweets! There is a salty note somewhere in there, and it is such a pleasing scent for the summer without being too sickly sweet.

What are you burning during World Cup season?


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