Ghost Eclipse

18 August 2014

I received a free rollerball of the new Ghost fragrance, Eclipse (RRP from £24 for 30ml) with the October issue of Marie Claire. I much prefer the rollerball application of fragrance than a spray, especially if it is pretty strong. On first impressions, I found Eclipse to be fruity. After a few minutes, it started to smell pretty familiar. It is a dead ringer for M&S Azure Breeze, a supposed dupe for cult classic Light Blue, from Dolce and Gabanna, so I hot footed it to fragrance website (one of my personal faves) to check out the notes. 

Eclipse has top notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, black currant, peach, marigold and apple. It's heart is made up of a floral blend of lotus, freesia and rose. The base contains amber and musk. Eclipse shares apple, bergamot, peach and rose notes with M&S Azure BreezeIt also shares apple, lemon, rose, musk and amber with D&G Light Blue

As you can see from the above comparisons, Eclipse is far from a new concept. It takes a more fruity approach than Light Blue, with the inclusion of black currant and orange, but the backbone is essentially the same. Apple, lemon, rose, musk, amber. This creates an almost identical feel to the three scents. I find the generic scent to be a sparky citrus, mellowed by creamy, sweet rose. However, I find myself confused by the combination. I don't think the notes blend well together at all (and that goes for all 3 perfumes). I do find it pretty, but it is definitely not my favourite scent. At present, my favourite out of the three is M&S Azure Breeze, as I really enjoy having ginger as a top note. It is bright and energizing. However it doesn't last long until it moves into the Light Blue/Eclipse heart. 

Have you tried Eclipse? Do you like or dislike it? 

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