Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!

18 August 2014

I'm starting off a series of in depth perfume reviews with my current favourite, Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs. I was inspired by a recent #bbloggers chat on Twitter, where I posed the question What is your signature scent? Lots of people replied, with scents I have never heard of, and I love discovering new scents. Perfume is a kind of journey for me, and fragrance posts are some of my favourites to both write and read. 

Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs is a floral fruity scent, that leans more towards the fruity side. The top notes are a delicious combo of strawberry, raspberry and pear. The heart is a pretty floral blend of magnolia, peony and cyclamen, with a creamy base of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla. I originally got Oh, Lola! as a sample from EBay, in a lot that included Balenciaga Paris, Miss Dior and Vera Wang's Lovestruck. Initially I wasn't particularly keen on any of the scents. On first impressions, I found Oh, Lola! to be pretty, but with weak silage, so for that reason I never really reached for it.

It wasn't until I was rushing around getting ready for the Summer Ball, looking for a scent to wear, that I randomly grabbed my Oh, Lola! sample. I threw it in my clutch bag, and spritzed it a few times throughout the evening. Since then, I have been getting spray-happy with the Marc Jacobs scent, and came to the end of my sample vial. I decided to buy the full-size, getting a 30ml bottle for £39. 

I find Oh, Lola! to be the perfect summer perfume, without being stereotypically heavy on the coconut or tropical fruits. It is definitely more suited to daytime wear, as it is very light, and it's silage is more skin to a body splash. Intensifying the scent however, would cause it to lose it's delicate, whimsical aura, a common theme of the Marc Jacobs fragrance line. Oh, Lola! appears to be a lighter version of a few of the Escada offerings, particularly Moon Sparkle and Ocean Lounge with their similar note structure. 

Many people cite this as a very young perfume, however I disagree. It lacks that typically sweet smell of celebrity fragrances popular in the teenage market as of late. I'd say youthful is a more fitting term. Oh, Lola! is definitely in keeping with the rest of the Marc Jacobs perfume line, in a similar flower-adorned bottle to its sister fragrance Lola. Unfortunately it has been much overshadowed by the more popular Daisy, the classic of recent times, and recent releases Dot, Honey and Daisy Dream. I believe it should not be overlooked if you want a fun, light, fruity scent for the warmer months. 

Have you tried Oh, Lola!?


  1. looks so pretty, by the sound of your review i can tell it smells amazing. will check it out

    1. It's super nice :) you won't regret it!
      Loves! kimamely xx


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