3 Product Smoky Eye

21 September 2014

Today's look is inspired by two YouTube tutorials I recently watched, the Bobbi Brown super-easy smoky eye, and a Cheryl Cole look Lisa Eldridge did for the cover of Elle. I was shopping earlier on today and came across the Gosh Forever  shadow sticks and thought the deep, metallic, taupey shade of Brown would be amazing smudged across the lid. 

September Empties

19 September 2014

So this is not so much "Empties" rather, "Stuff I didn't take home with me to save space in my luggage!" For those of you that don't know, as part of my course I am on placement all around Wales, so it involves staying away for a month at a time. This month I've been in hospital accommodation in Swansea, which is like being back in halls #freshers. Let's start with the stuff I actually did finish...

Christmas Yankee Candle Haul

18 September 2014

I know it's a little keen seeing as it's only September, and last week I was only just transitioning to my autumn scents. I was just so excited when I saw the Christmas offerings out on the shelves to smell as it's the first Christmas I've been into Yankee Candles. I thought I'd snap some up while I've got the chance. Ofc I won't be burning them till at least December *cough October*. All descriptions taken from yankeecandle.co.uk. I've included a quick description of the scent on cold smell.

The Autumn Makeup Shake Up

The last time I did a post like this was back in February when I properly started blogging. I'm sure you'll agree that my blog has changed a lot since then! I'm just going to run through  the products I use on a day-to-day basis.

Autumnal Makeup Look

16 September 2014

For this make up look I've taken inspiration from autumnal shades including burgundy and copper. MAC Cranberry has been huge news over the blogosphere as the seasons have been changing, and having realised I already own a similar shade, I decided to have a go at a look. It's not a shade I've ever really used before, but I'd like to try to work it into my repertoire.

#bbloggers Fragrance Faves

15 September 2014

Now the season's on the change, I've been craving a shift from my summer favourite, uber-fruity Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! and I've been on the hunt for a more autumn-appropriate scent. There are a select few scents that are so highly raved about on so many blogs, so I've looked to these for inspiration.

Drugstore Dash

This weekend my mother treated me to a bit of money, and it was great just to grab  everything I've been lusting after in the drugstore without worrying about the price! This is probably the most I've spent in Superdrug in a long while, and the third haul in a row. Probably should stop hauling for the sake of my bank balance, oops!  

Fashion & Beauty Haul | Topshop, H&M, TheBalm

10 September 2014

This weekend I toddled into town in desperate need of some clothes for the new season. I'd been lusting after some Topshop black ripped jeans for ages, so understandably I was devastated when they didn't have my size. However I found these zipped babies for £40. They're very similar to a pair Zara are currently stocking, which got featured in a recent Lily Pebbles video. These fortunately, are 100 times more flattering than the Zara ones which quite frankly made my arse look huge...

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