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20 October 2014

I am on the lookout for a new fall perfume, so I have been busy sampling scents over the last few weeks. I spoke about the ones I'd been lusting after in my #bbloggers fragrance faves post, and here are my thoughts now that I've tried a few of them. See by Chloe has been raved about by many of the beauty blogging big guns over the last few months, so I was so excited to try it. I found this one slightly disappointing however, finding its cool vanilla notes a little like furniture polish, and just not as pretty and girlie as the scents I'd usually go for. I wonder whether the new twist See by Chloe Eau Fraiche would be more up my street.
Would I purchase? 

Stella by Stella McCartney is a light veil of rose and amber. It is very wearable, and I feel like I've reached for this scent a lot recently. I find that it has a very light scent throw, and as it is so wearable I think I'd use it way too quickly. It's not an overly individual scent, and I think there are far cheaper dupes on the market, notably Atlas Mountain Rose by The Body Shop.

Would I purchase?
No, as I'd like to try a cheaper option.

Roses de Chloe is a super pretty, girlie scent, and a much sweeter rose than Stella. I find this one easier to wear than the original Chloe as it is less heady, and I love the sweet, fresh top notes. I'm not completely decided whether I prefer this to the original, as I love its classic vibe, but this is a really gorgeous perfume.

Would I purchase?
Potentially, yes.

Diptyque Philosykos is the standout scent out of these five. I love its figgy, green notes, which remain super fresh, until they mellow down into soft coconut. This is such a different scent, and I feel like it really suits me. It is ideal for any occasion, as I find it super wearable.

Would I purchase?
Definitely yes!

The last scent I am going to mention is Wood Sage and Sea Salt by Jo Malone. I am super intrigued by this scent. It is so similar to D&G Light Blue and all its dupes (Ghost Eclipse, M&S Azure Breeze), but this one somehow is much more interesting. It has a deep, cool tone to it, partially due to the fact it is a unisex scent. I have had a scented card of this, and also sampled it a few times in store, and have really liked it. It could be touted as the A/W Light Blue, but better.

Would I purchase?
Give it a few more sample sprays and I would seriously consider it.

What's on your fragrance wishlist?


  1. That's a really good post. I also need to find a new autumn fragrance :)

    Lu |

    1. Thanks beaut! I think Diptyque Philosykos will be the one :)
      Loves! Kimamely Xx.


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