I'm Dreaming of a LUSH Christmas...

15 October 2014

So last week I was browsing in town when I decided to pop into Lush. As usual, there wasn't anything I was really looking for, and decided to have a browse, especially since they have their new Christmas and Halloween ranges out at the moment. The store wasn't overly busy on a Wednesday afternoon, so the Cardiff Lush girls took the time to run through a few of the new products with me. They recommended products I wouldn't usually have gone for, and went to so much effort to demonstrate some of them. 

I ended up buying the icy cool apple scented So White shower gel and one to replace Glogg, my previous winter fave. Hot Toddy is just Christmas in a nutshell, full of spicy cinnamon and cloves. The scent is super nostalgic for me as it reminds me of the little sweets my Grandma used to bring us. Both shower gels also contain shimmer, to help get you in the Christmas spirit. I also picked up the Gold Fun, after being shown how it is used. This is a gorgeous warm toffee scent, similar to the It's Raining Men shower gel. You pull a bit off and use it as kind of a soap in the shower and it is super moisturising. I also picked up one of these as a birthday present for my best friend as it seemed a bit different to the average smelly and has the most amazing yummy scent. 
We chatted through a few hair products, and although I was almost tempted as always by one of the shampoo bars, I decided I didn't really like the scents of them enough, although they'd be so useful to have for travelling. The girls directed me to a few hair treatments, and we looked at the Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease, but again I wasn't too keen on the scent, and Roots. Roots is a scalp treatment for thin and fine hair, which is me all over. Although I wasn't keen on the price of £10.25 for something I'd not previously considered, I was kindly given a sample to take home with me, which I'll try to review at some point when I've used it. 
I am seriously lusting after the Rose Jam shower gel, and a few of the bath products, I'll pick a few of these up for when I go to my parent's house at Christmas, but as I don't have a bath in my house, it seemed kinda pointless getting them now. I really liked the heady jasmine scent of the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. Another thing that caught my eye was the Yog Nog soap. Now I'm not usually one for using an actual bar of, but this smelt absolutely divine, so I'll simply have to make an exception. I love the idea of the Drummers Drumming reusable bubble bar, with its duo-sided scents of strawberry and bergamot. You just hold this under running water and swish it around until you have enough bubbles, which seems like such a great idea, and economical as well. 
I'd like to thank the Lush girls at the Cardiff branch for providing such great service and taking the time to chat through all the products. It has been probably the most pleasant and friendly Lush experiences I've had. 


  1. I really need to try Lush products out - they look so great!


    1. You really should, I absolutely love Lush, especially their shower gels and bubble bars :)
      Loves! Kimamely Xx.


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