Ooops...Another Yankee Candle Haul

26 October 2014

I've been busy buying more Yankee Candles. Sorry, not sorry. Since burning Snowflake Cookie for the first time last weekend, I've actually been reaching for some of my Christmassy scents that I'd actually been reserving for December, but I simply just wanted to feel a bit on the festive side. I picked up a few seasonal scents, and a few others I'd been after. 

To add to my Christmas scents, I got Merry Marshmallow, Christmas Eve and Christmas Rose. Mandarin Cranberry, although not strictly a Christmas scent also still has those festive tones. Merry Marshmallow is very similar to Fireside Treats, which I also own, but it is sweeter and lacks the more smoky undertone. It is a very cosy scent but I'm not sure it can hold its own amongst other scents in my collection. Mandarin Cranberry is much fruitier than scents I usually go for, and soon into the burn the sharp mandarin is evident, making it a little too clean, however after a while the scent balances out into the perfect festive scent for these early months.

As it's eering closer to Halloween, I thought I'd try out Candy Corn. This was sweeter and more vanilla than I expected as I thought it'd be more like popcorn. I'll be looking out for the hard-to-find Movie Night to fit this part. However it accompanied a cosy night in watching a movie like a dream. 

On the non-Christmassy front, I also picked up November Rain, as it is almost the end of October, and I thought nothing else would be more fitting to this time of year. It's not like any of the other scents I have, coming across a little more masculine, so I'll have to see whether I like it when I burn it. Pink Sands was a little disappointing to me. Sun & Sand is my all-time favourite Yankee, so I was buzzing when I found out there was a swirl candle combining it with Pink Sands. I thought I'd test out the DIY version, using a few votives but on first impressions, Pink Sands hasn't wowed me. It smells a little too melony for my liking. 

The final scent I picked up was Ginger Dusk. I was excited to finally get this as it was the only one missing from the Indian Summer Collection, and incidentally the one I wanted to smell the most when I first heard about the collection. I can't wait to burn this as it smells very strong even through the wrapper of the tart. 


  1. I LOVE yankee candles! My fave one is the pink dragon fruit one. I think i need the christmas eve one for this christmas though! x

    1. I'm seriously obsessed! Ooh I've not tried that one! I love Pink Hibiscus though, I think that's pretty similar? I literally cannot wait for Christmas so I can burn Christmas Eve and (if I can get my hands on it) Christmas Memories!
      Loves! Kimamely Xx.


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