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29 November 2014

I got chatting to Lucy from the blog LucyLou on Twitter during one of the chats and decided on a What's in my Bag TAG. I've never done a What's In My Bag before but I have wanted to for a while so I thought what better time to do it than with another lovely blogger. We decided to add a few questions to make it a bit more interesting, and then show you what's in our bags. Here are my answers...

Lucy Asked: 
What item in you bag can you not leave the house without?

Without a doubt, the item I cannot leave the house without is my iPhone. In fact, the only time I am away from home without it is when I go running, when I use my iPod for music and the Nike Running app. 

Kirstie Asked:
What's the weirdest item in your bag?

I'd say the weirdest item in my bag at the minute is my Natwest card reader. I've just moved back home from Uni, so the morning I left I threw a few essentials into my bag, and this just happened to still be there.

Lucy Asked:
What's your favourite thing in your bag at the minute?

Ooh tough question! It's a toss up between the Neal's Yard gloss and the Maybelline Lip Pencil, I've really been loving both lately. See below for a mini review...

Kirstie Asked:
What's the most expensive item in your bag?

Either my phone or iPod. I'm not sure how much the iPhone 5C retails for as I have it on contract, but it's definitely pretty pricey. Other than those, everything else is pretty affordable. 

Lucy Asked:
If you could have any bag what bag would you choose?

Mulberry instantly comes to mind, I have always dreamed of owning a Mulberry bag. I have also been lusting after a stormy blue Marc Jacobs Hobo bag for wayyyy too long, but one of my most recent finds is a beautiful Proenza Schouler satchel. Can I have all three?

So what is actually in my bag? 
Purse: This red polka dot Cath Kidson-esque purse was a bargain purchase from Peacocks at just £7!

Keys: I got this (real this time) Cath Kidson key chain from the outlet store a few years ago at Bicester Village. I love the bird detail!

Marie Claire: This was lurking in there from the last time I got the train. I love a glossy magazine, especially when they come with a freebie.

iPod: I always keep this with me for when I have to walk anywhere on my own. I love making playlists.

A selection of lip products: 
• Neal's Yard Remedies lip gloss in Gogi Berry. This is such a lovely lip gloss. It is super moisturising and a my lips but better shade. Too bad mine has broken around the applicator. It tastes amazing as well, like watermelon. 
• Burt Bees Honey lip balm. This is the best lip balm to take out and about. 
• Maybelline pencil
• essence XXXL matte lipgloss. This was the last lip combo I used for a 90s look. 

Mini Rollerball of Ghost Eclipse: I've been wearing this scent a lot recently, in a desperate attempt to cling on to summer. I've reviewed it here

Also in there is a whole ton of plasters, paracetamol, gum, a scrunchie, gloves, an umbrella, biscuits, a pen and some L'Occitane hand cream. Yes, I have a lot in my bag! The bag in question is my favourite, a tan satchel that is a vintage hand-me-down from my mother. I love that it has that loved, worn in look, and it is super roomy with it's endless pockets!

I hope you've enjoyed my first What's in my Bag post.


  1. I really want to try that Maybelline lip pencil looks lovely also love your vintage bag! Great post :)
    Lucy x

    1. Thanks its lush, I'm doing a review soon so keep your eyes peeled for that :) eeee thanks! I seriously want a designer bag now though!:)x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great post :) Thank you for tagging me.. Im definitely going to do the TAG soon!:) Liz xx


    1. Thanks Liz! 😘 Looking forward to reading your post! :)
      Loves! Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty Xx.

  4. For beauty products I only bring lipbalm or lipgloss :D

    Indira || New Post

    1. Yeah I'm so not the kinda gal to carry her entire makeup bag around. It's usually what I've put on lips in the morning if I think I'll need to top up, and the basics that live in my bag :)
      Loves! Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty


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