December Empties

11 December 2014

I love empties posts and I've been collecting up a stash of empty products for a while as I haven't had the chance to sit down and put them all into a post! I've got a good mix of skincare and beauty bits, so carry on reading to see what I loved and what I didn't and the items that made it onto The Repurchase List...

LAQA&CO Nail Varnish in Incestuous

This was a birthday present from my best friends two years ago. It is a gorgeous lilac shade, very similar to Essie Play Date, one of my favourites. The pen style was fab in theory, but it ended up drying up so I didn't get much use out of it. 

I absolutely adore this toner. It feels lovely and hydrating and it's rose and geranium base smells divine. I have already repurchased this product, I love it!

LUSH Retread Conditioner

This took so long to finish, but I finally did it. I remember buying this purely for it's lush smell (see what I did there?), it smells like a salon brand. It is slightly more than I would usually pay for a conditioner, and although I did like it, it didn't wow me so I won't be repurchasing right away, but maybe in the future. 

Jack Wills Hope Cove

A couple of mini scents now, starting with one I've had in my empties pile for a whole year now... I used the whole of this Jack Wills rollerball in about a year, which is amazing as I never finish scents! I loved it's cool spicy tone, with notes of apple, cassis, pink magnolia and creamy vanilla pod. I think I'd repurchase, although I'm not in any rush. 

This goes for the next scent as well when I say I have owned this for donkey's years and it's finally time to let go. I used this occasionally a while ago, but I hadn't reached for it in a few years. This has notes including peach, apricot, blackcurrant and rose and is a fun, fruity fragrance, although it's not super popular anymore. 

Cacharel Amor Amor (from £14.99)

I got this in a set of minis, and I have to say it was never my favourite. I always likened it to Impulse Tease, which I never really liked. It has notes of grapefruit, blood orange, Malati flower, lily, sandalwood and vanilla. 

Garnier BB Cream for Sensitive Skin 

This is a product that I felt was super hyped and never really delivered for me. This technically isn't an empty, rather a disappointing product, but I doubt it will get any more use. I was looking for a light base, and with it's SPF I thought it would be great to take on holiday. However it didn't work at all with my oily skin, and I could never get it to look good. I'd be up for trying the matte versions, but my hopes aren't all that high I'm afraid!

FCUK: Polished Whipped Bodycream

This came out of a set I got literally years ago! I loved the Body Soufflé of the same scent and repurchased that, but sadly these have now been discontinued. I was a bit slow using the body cream, but I'm a self-confessed body lotion hater, so this has done well to make it this far. I loved the soft, sweet scent, very much like a more subtle sister to the Soap and Glory scent.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

This last product isn't really an empty as such either, I just found a better model, and this went to the bottom of the stash. This worked well for a while, but the felt pen nib is far too soft to get a precise line. The only way I could make it work was using it on it's side, and I didn't think it was the blackest of eyeliners. I much prefer the L'Oréal Superliner Perfect Slim. 

Have you tried any of these products?
Did you love or hate them?

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