December Lifestyle Favourites

31 December 2014

My Bloglovin' feed is choc-a-bloc of NYE posts and you don't need to read yet another, so today I'm bringing you my December Non-Beauty Favourites. 

One of the most prevalent things this month has been the discovery of superfoods. It all started with binge reading through the blog of Tanya Burr's pal Niomi Smart. She's recently turned vegan, so she's got some great super healthy recipes! 

I was watching some vintage Tanya Burr vlogs I found on my laptop from Vlogtober, and I saw her mention Bouja-Bouja. It is a brand that makes guilt free ice cream and truffles made out of cocoa, agave syrup and cashews. I tried the chocolate ice cream and it really impressed me how chocolately it was, and was much lighter than ice cream.

Seeing Tan eat Granola everyday really made me crave it, so I picked up this Waitrose one for just £2. Yes it's probably not the healthiest, but I've never got into granola, so I just wanted to try it. I've loved this with raspberries and a scatter of this seed mix I love from Lidl (cranberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds).

Finally on the food front, is my new favourite snack, apple slices with peanut butter. Smooth peanut butter is definitely better for this as it's easier to spread. I like to scatter the lidl seed mix (from above) over the top. I adore the crunchy, fresh apple with the peanut butter, it makes the most addictive snack!

I've been drinking less and less caffeine lately. I'm a notoriously bad sleeper, so hopefully cutting out the bad stuff will help. I've been road testing a few fruit teas from Twinings, but my favourite this month has been the Blood Orange and Cranberry tea. I've gotten through the box super quickly!

Obviously it is the festive season, and that does not come without a festive scent. My candle of choice this year is the standout Red Apple Wreath from Yankee Candle. This is THE scent of Christmas, with a complex mixture of apples and deep, spicy cinnamon.

I never usually have non-beauty favourites, so to have this many this month is a huge shock. I'm going to end this post with two dental products. It is one of my upcoming New Years resolutions to give a bit more TLC to my gnashers, so I picked up a few things to make toothpaste time a bit nicer. First is the Hello Mojito Mint Mouthwash. I saw this on Lily Pebbles blog a while back and was intrigued. It's pricey at £5.99 but it's Limey taste is so much nicer than Listerene! Next I got this Beverly Hills Perfect White Black Toothpaste, after seeing it on Aleelily. It is lovely and minty and I like that it promises to whiten teeth in a really gentle way thanks to the black charcoal. Whether it does or not is debatable at this point, but I've really enjoyed using it. 

What are your favourites? Have you tried any of these? 

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