Makeup Revolution Enchant

10 December 2014

The Amazing Lipstick in Enchant is the very first lipstick I bought from Makeup Revolution. It has caught my eye for a while now, but I put it down about a month ago in Superdrug because it wasn't going to be worth getting it for free in a 3 for 2 when I could be getting a £10 product for free. But I finally picked it up this week!

Enchant is a blue toned pink shade, almost purple, a much softer version of MAC Up The Amp, and a good starting point if you're not sure such a strong shade would suit you. I was surprised about how wearable this shade was, as I was slightly worried. It is a more purple version of Topshop Tease, which I struggled to pull off, but this is actually really pretty. It does also have that whitened out tone of MAC St Germain, and definitely has that Barbie vibe.

The lipstick glides on to the lips so smoothly and is really moisturising on my chapped lips! It's light formula means it didn't last through a meal, but it did withstand a cup of tea. There are also matte shades available which may be more long lasting, and for a pound, you can't be too fussy. I'm happy I finally tried a Makeup Revolution lipstick!

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