Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

31 January 2015

I was so happy to get my mitts on Benefit's new release, Roller Lash. It is available exclusively with this month's Elle magazine in the UK, before it's official release later in the month. This is amazing as usually Benefit releases are the sole privilege of bigger bloggers. As a (relative) newbie, I lust after the new products in those much coveted first reviews but funds permitted, I am not always prepared to shell out £30 for something that may not be up my street. So speaking on behalf of newer beauty blogs, hallelujah Benefit and Elle!

So, onto the mascara. This obviously is a sample size, but I've had these before in sets from Benefit, and they actually last a while. The packaging is really pretty, with the rose gold lid, but I definitely prefer the angled tube of They're Real as it is easier to hold and feels more expensive. 

The wand is much smaller than Benefit's previous offerings, with a slight curve and little hooks on the bristles. This is definitely less scary than it sounds, and is the result of inspiration from hair curler hooks. The idea is that as you twirl the wand through your eyelashes, the hooks latch into the lash, to give maximum curl and coating of mascara. I'd say this is the daytime version of They're Real (my all-time favourite mascara FYI).

Formula-wise, it is very long lasting. Like They're Real, it isn't quite waterproof, but it is formulated to last all day. Roller Lash does not flake or smudge like budget mascaras (trust me, I rubbed my eyes for this) and personally I have never had any problems removing these mascaras using an oil-based cleanser. 

Overall, I am impressed with the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. It gives a great curl, but does not compromise on volume. It definitely reminds me of the Essence Get Big Lashes or the NYC City Curl, and it does what they try to do, only 100x better! This has been one of the best mascaras I've tried recently and I love it for a flirty, babydoll look. 


  1. Fingers crossed you can find it! Yes it's great that you can try out something even if you're not sure about it, you might end up loving it!
    Loves! Kirstie Xx.

  2. I really want to try this! I don't think Elle Australia has this offer though! It's good to hear this product lives up to the hype though!
    Brianna ||

  3. I think it might just be a UK thing, but I hope you get your hands on it soon!
    Loves! Kirstie Xx.


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