International Beauty Box Swap with All Souled Out

17 January 2015

I got to know Aria when I was looking for a guest blogger back in November. Actually, that never happened (maybe in 2015?) as we got sidetracked chatting about makeup! I saw she was from India, somewhere that has always really excited me, and was interested in knowing the kinds of beauty products and brands that are popular where she is. She kindly offered to send me a couple of products, and we decided to do a bit of a swap. We set a budget of £20, and gave each other some ideas, but also included some surprise items. 

I'd been interested in Indian brand Lakmé, which Aria informed me was the only drugstore brand worth buying. I checked out the website, and took a shining to this teal gel eyeliner. I also liked the look of the plum lip shades. It is winter after all! Aria had chosen a deep plum lipstick and a gorgeous raspberry pink lipgloss. Both feel so lovely on the lips, and the shades are stunning! I also got a teal and navy duo eyeshadow to match the eyeliner. I really dont have a shade like this, so I'm looking forward to trying out a few looks with this. I'm doing a first impressions post on my Lakmé goodies, so keep an eye on my blog in the coming week for that!

As well as beauty bits, I also got a stunning necklace, which I really wasn't expecting! Aria had popped a tag on each item, and I love how each has a story. She'd recently been to Goa on holiday, and she'd haggled for the pearl necklace! Its so my style, so I popped it on that evening for a Christmas meal, and it went perfectly with my outfit! That and a swipe of the Lakmé lipgloss and I was cheered right up! I was so anxious about going to that meal, so it was nice to have a couple of things to make me feel good about myself!

I was really touched that she included this handmade hat. She clearly knows English weather, and I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of this adorable cream knit. She'd also included some nibbles, like homemade chocolates, which she assured me were worth the wait, and some little sweets, made with jaggery and tamarind. These were both so yummy and moreish! It was so nice to try a new kind of sweet. Leicester has a huge Indian population, so Indian sweets are easy to get hold of if you go to the right places, but I'd never seen these before!

She also included the loveliest letter, and I can't thank her enough for her kindness and how thoughtful her gifts were. I loved each and every single thing she'd included and it was so much fun to do this swap with her. I recieved my gifts a few days before Christmas, and even though I posted Aria's only a few days after she sent mine, they took weeks to arrive! It was such an anxious wait, and we'd pretty much given up and accepted they probably got lost in the mail. However finally I heard that Aria had recieved her package! I loved picking out the products and little gifts for her, and was so happy she got to see what I'd chosen! 

I've loved getting to know Aria through this, and I really hope we'll continue to work together. Speaking of blogging, she has a lovely blog, All Souled Out. I love that it is a mix of lifestyle posts, and it's so interesting to read about her life in India.  


  1. I'm so glad you loved the stuff I sent you! If you ever need more or want to try something else from here, do let me know. Or if you need nore knit hats! Haha! Would live to do a guest post sometime this year!

    1. Haha thanks! I'd love to be able to knit! It'd be great to do another swap sometime :) i'll email you about the guest post :)
      Loves! Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty


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