January Empties

18 January 2015

Hurray! It's that time again! There's nothing I love more than an empties post! I've tried so hard to save my pennies and use up what I've got, and I think I've done pretty well here!

First up are two scrubs I've been trying to finish for so long! The first one is the Soap&Co Passionfruit Scrub. This I picked up from Bond St Store, Sakare after thinking the brand reminded me of Seacret. I'd had the Dead Sea Salt Scrub before and really liked it so I wanted to get a similar scrub again. I think I paid £25 for this product, which is more than I would usually pay, but the scrub worked just as you'd expect an oil based salt scrub to work and the scent was really yummy and fruity. I'm not too familiar with this brand and after doing a quick google search, looks like many people felt the same as us, that the sales assistants are pushy and it may/may not be a scam. I wouldn't go back to the store to buy this again and can't seem to find an online retailer. 

The next scrub is the Philosophy Candied Pecan scrub. This smelt incredible, almost like popcorn! I got this in a Christmas set last year and was my favourite product out of the three. I was pretty disappointed they didn't have any similar sets this year.

We've been loving the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Daily Facial Scrub in our house ever since I bought a tube in the summer. This is one of my favourite drugstore skincare products as it leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth for under a fiver! It smells gorgeous and is a bit of a dupe for the Origins Ginzing Scrub. 

I used up a few LUSH products this month as I've been loving baths as a way to unwind. The first I finished up was the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. This smells sweet, like Rose and lemon with a hint of berries. I was really happy with the amount of bubbles this product gave too. I've got a few of the Cocoa & Yuzu Bubbleroons to use up so won't be buying anymore of these just yet, but never say never!

Next up is Cinders, the warm cinnamon scented bath bomb. I'm not the hugest bath bomb fan as I love bubbles, so I've been using these alongside a simple Unscented bubble bath. This one smelt amazing and I've already repurchased it as it was in the LUSH Boxing Day sale.

Finally is the Butterbear. I wish I took a picture of this before I used it as it was so cute! I didn't think this smelt of much as it is a subtle vanilla scent nor did it do much to soften my skin. I wouldn't repurchase this. 

On to hair products now, and I got these two Philip Kingsley items in a try me kit back in the summer. I got both the Moisture Balance Shampoo and Conditioner. Considering it is a salon brand I wasn't hugely impressed. The products didn't do anything special to my hair although they had a lovely scent. They smelt like posh perfume, with the shampoo smelling stronger than the conditioner. 

Next is the Tresseme Heat Defense Smooth Spray. I used to use this a lot back in the day but stopped as I got out of the habit of blow drying my hair. This smells nice and doesn't alter the texture of the hair. I wouldn't repurchase as I want more of a multi-purpose product. 

I can't even tell you how many of these Vaseline Active Fresh Deodorants I have been through! I like the scent of this one, even though it smells like lavender and rose rather than "active". It works to keep me dry and sweet and is usually on offer for £1. I've got a few stockpiled to use up but I wouldn't buy this again as I've recently made the move to a natural deodorant. 

I used this Regent House Lavender Oil to help me sleep. I put a few drops on my pillows and sheets at night to help me unwind. This one was a good quality oil as others I have tried have smelt of paint (?!). I wouldn't repurchase this right away as I'm currently trialing the ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. 

This is the only beauty item in this months favourites. It is the Nails Inc polish in Victoria & Albert. This has dried up so much that I can't really use it anymore, despite trying to salvage it. I wasn't too keen on the bright red colour either, as I much prefer a deeper red shade. I wouldn't say Nails Inc is worth the money, and the only reason I own their products is because they come free with magazines. 

Onto scent now, and the first of two candles is this gorgeous tin from Capri Blue in the Volcano scent. This was orangey and smelt like sweets! This is probably the only candle I've burnt all the way through which is definitely saying something. 

I also finished my Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus votive. I loved this bright, rosy scent and have since bought a small jar. The final items are a few perfume samples I got from eBay. The first is the Chloe EDP. I love this romantic rose-based scent and I have another sample to use up. One I've had in my empties tub for an  age is Elie Saab L'Eau Couture. I got through this sample in record time and loved it's sweet almond and orange blossom accords. I am considering buying a full size bottle as it is perfect for spring. 

I've saved the best for last. I am absolutely devastated I've come to the end of my Diptyque Philosykos sample as I fell in love with it's green fig and coconut scent. I will 100% buy a full size bottle as I just can't live without it!

 Have you tried any of these? 


  1. oo the clean and clear scrub sounds great i love anything orange scented my favourite smell! and how cute is butter bear possibly the cutest lush bath bomb the is!


    1. It's so lovely for something so cheap! :) I'm in love with anything to do with Teddy bears, I felt so bad putting him in my bath though haha!
      Loves! Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty Xx.

  2. Always love reading these!

    1. Me too! They're my guilty pleasure! :)
      Loves! Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty Xx.

  3. Doesn't it feel great to finally finish products you love that you've been using forever?! Great post!

    Leather & Lipstick

    1. It's the best feeling ever! Aww thanks Kelsey!
      Loves! Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty Xx.


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