Top 10 Fragrances of 2014 (Part 1)

15 January 2015

2014 has been a great year for discovering new fragrances. After the Armani Si blunder of 2013, I've been more cautious. Thankfully eBay has all sorts of samples for only a couple of pounds, so I've been getting those to try the new scents that have caught my eye. This post is the first in a two-parter, covering numbers 10-6 in the top 10 of my fave fragrances from 2014. 

Number 10
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle is one I purchased last winter. Compared to a lot of my other scents, it is a bit heavier, but it still is super girlie and feels really luxurious. I always get tons of compliments wearing this fragrance. It's hard to believe it launched back in 2001! Created by Chanel perfumer Jaques Polge, it contains citrusy top notes of orange, bergamot and orange blossom. The heart is floral and seductive, with mimosa, jasmine, Turkish Rose and ylang-ylang. The deep base of this intoxicating sweetie is tonka bean, patchouli, opoponax, vanilla, vetiver and white musk. This fragrance is dedicated to courageous, brave and modern women who prefer luxury and elegance. I think it does feel luxurious, and contrary to what people say, it's not one I smell everywhere. 

Number 9
Ghost Eclipse (Full Review)

A 2014 launch, Ghost Eclipse is a fruity cocktail of bergamot, lemon, blackcurrant, mandarin orange, peach, apple and marigold. It has a floral heart of lotus, freesia and rose and a base of warm amber and musk. Personally, this smells like another dupe of D&G Light Blue, with a little more orange. Orange is the note that comes across most, especially in the first few minutes of the fragrance, which makes me wish for sunnier times!

Number 8
Stella McCartney Stella

Stella McCartney "showed an old-time picture of a rose to a designer. Just imagine a luxurious flower, heavy and beautiful; its petals fall off just by your gentle touch. I would love to keep this frail beauty, this moment of perfection in the perfume.” It was created by Jacques Cavallier in 2003, and recently enjoyed a bit of a rebrand. This is a beauty blogger favourite, thanks to the gorgeous top notes of Rose oil, peony and tangerine. There is a pure rose heart and a base of warm amber. This is a very classic modern scent that is inoffensive and feels very chic. Rose is one of my all time favourite notes, so this just had to be in the top 10.

Number 7
Elie Saab L'Eau Couture (Full Review)

L'Eau Couture is part of the designer's mission to make the SS14 collection a multi-sensory experience. It takes it's inspiration from floaty fabrics and aims to capture the joy of urban springtime. It was created by Francis Kurkdjian who wanted to redefine freshness, incorporating sensuality and sophistication. 

"The idea to create a Couture Eau is quite uncommon in this register. It s a sophisticated, sensual freshness, far removed from the conventions found in fragrances usually created in this repertoire" - Francis Kurkdjian

The notes pyramid is very minimalist in this instance. Orange blossom is inspired by newly blooming blossoms, adding a whisper of freshness and femininity. Crisp green almond notes in the heart of the fragrance unite the fresh orange blossoms with it's vanilla base notes. This gives a warm aura to the perfume, leaving a soft, luminous scent trail. I got through my sample in a flash and adore its springtime aura. It also feels really chic and sophisticated and is a lighter version of the original Elie Saab fragrance. 

Number 6
Next Milan (Full Review)

I came across this unexpectedly after falling for the cool gardenia notes in the original Marc Jacobs scent. I noticed the similarities in this cheapy and I love it! It has juicy fresh top notes of apple and melon, a floral heart of magnolia and violet and a warmer base of amber and sandalwood. Overall, this is a very cool fragrance, perfect for chilly days. It is also hailed as a dupe for the slightly more fruity DKNY Be Delicious. Considering it's a bargain scent at £8 for 50ml, it lasts pretty well on the skin and is so unique in my collection. 

Stay tuned for numbers 5-1 in part 2!


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