Top 10 Yankee Candles of 2014 (Part 1)

14 January 2015

We all know Yankee Candles are one of my guilty pleasures! Well 2014 was the year I bought my very first Yankee product all the way back in February (see my first haul), and I have been head over heels since. I recently joined the Team Yankee Global Facebook Group, which is an amazingly friendly community, keep up to date with regular releases via the shows on QVC and also through one of my favourite blogs, Andy's Yankees. I'm so excited to share with you all the scents that have enveloped my house this year. Part 1 showcases numbers 10-6 of my countdown, with part 2 to follow. 

I had wanted Blissful Autumn for a good few years, since I fell in love with it while selecting a gift for my mother. It is a medley of autumn fruits, with a little warm spice thrown in. I was actually quite surprised at how much of a foodie scent this was, but it is such a mellow, yummy scent that is perfect for autumn. A spice that is really well done by Yankee. 

"The fun never's always happy hour with the casual, playful tang of fresh-squeezed lime in a classic Margarita"

Margarita Time is such a lovely scent, and was one of my favourites this summer! LE for Q2, and sadly being discontinued, I've made sure I stocked up on this sparky, fruity, salty scent. I just can't get enough. It's such a strong scent too. 

"The serene beauty of the sun's golden rays as they dip into still blue waters, calling to mind the musky descent of nightfall"

With notes of pineapple and musk, Lake Sunset is a heady, feminine blend that really draws to mind time spent by the lake. 

Berrylicious is THE scent of Sunday mornings. I burn it every week and is definitely worthy of being a favourite. It literally smells of freshly baked blueberry muffins, my flavour of choice.

"So captivating! The stunning royal beauty of lush white gardenias in full bloom" 

It was only this year that I became familiar with the scent of gardenia, through the Marc Jacobs for women scent. I adore the heady perfume and I always get notes of coconut. White Gardenia hits the spot at delivering sheer elegance and indulgence. 

Stay tuned for part 2!

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