A Throwback To Lypsyl

10 March 2015

Lypsyl is an iconic brand, and one that I personally have used since childhood. As my obsession with beauty grew, the humble Lipsyl managed to get forgotten. However thinking about that little red tube brings back such childhood memories, and I'm hoping it hasn't changed one bit!

Lypsyl have had a bit of a makeover to bring them back into the 21st Century. Revamped are the flavour names and packaging, which makes them much more appealing to a fashion conscious consumer. Formula-wise, they contain a bundle of lovely ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soften the lips, as well as SPF 15 to protect against harmful rays. You can grab Lypsyl for just £1.50 at Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets.

I tried out three Lypsyl varieties. The original, and two tinted balms. The first I tried was Strawberry Polka Dot*, which smells exactly as I remember. It doesn't give the greatest tint to the lips, if anything, it's a really subtle red. Next up was my personal favourite, Cherry Blossom*. This one smells incredible, like cherry amped up to the max. Finally I tried out The Original*. I thought this had a subtle, almost floral scent. It did the job, but I much preferred the scented varieties as I didn't enjoy the taste. I'll probably be pushing this one on my dad.

I was disappointed to see the main ingredients are liquid parrafin, as it essentially dries out the lips the more you use the product, and where possible I like to avoid it. Despite that, Lypsyl are a cheap and cheerful lip balm that I'm happy to throw in my handbag, and the tinted ones are great to add some subtle colour when you want to look a bit more polished. They feel very moisturising on the lips and in true 90s fashion, taste fabbity fab. Lypsyl is back!

Have you tried Lypsyl?

 - Post contains PR samples provided on behalf of Lypsyl -
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