Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laques

18 March 2015

Today saw the launch of the latest offering from Bourjois. It's no secret that the Rouge Edition Velvets are the best liquid lipsticks currently in the drugstore, so there's a lot for the Rouge Edition Aqua Laques to live up to. Again we see a liquid lipstick, however rather than the matte finish of the Velvets, the Aqua Laques, as the name suggests, have a glossy look. They apply as a wet gel via a doe foot applicator. Definitely still a liquid lipstick than a gloss, I've found as time goes on, the colour melts into the lips to produce a stain, very much like last year's Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stains.

Packaged in a similar way to the Velvets, the Aqua Laques boast a metallic lid. I particularly like this as it makes them look more expensive, and the it makes the lighter shades look a bit rose goldy. Let's be honest, who can't resist a bit of rose gold? Let's get on to the product inside... I picked up two shades of the Aqua Laques, Rosé On The Rocks and Feeling Reddy, coincidentally similar to two Velvet shades I own. Rosé On The Rocks is a dusky pink colour, likeable to the VelvetNude-ist. Despite being of average pigmentation in the swatch, I found that the colour didn't seem to show up much on my lips, as it is pretty sheer. This proves the Aqua Laques are definitely not a one swipe wonder like the Velvets, but the brights sure fare better. 

Feeling Reddy is a bright orangey red, that is nicely pigmented. Disappointingly the orange unfortunately translate to the lips, much like it's Velvet counterpart, Hot Pepper. Nevertheless it is a flattering, easy to wear red. I'm usually wary of a bright gloss, but this also acts as a stain, to have better staying power.

You will need to work these in quite well to achieve an even colour, but when you do, these are an easy to wear formula, that is neither sticky nor too slippery. These do not slip and slide, or even bleed which is a fear when it comes to the bright lip/shine formula combo. As for the shine, when the colour gets worked into the lips, the shine is dulled. This may be partly down to the lack of stickiness, which usually produces a super long lasting shine. If you wanted to maintain that look, it can be solved by a simple top up.

Whilst it hasn't been an instant love story with me and the Rouge Edition Aqua Laques (anyone else wish they called these simply Rouge Edition Aquas?), I'm intrigued to see whether these will make their way into my makeup bag. Although I can see Rosé On The Rocks becoming a daytime staple, I'm unsure whether I will I want to reach for Feeling Reddy over my matte reds? It's hard not to compare them to the game changers that are the Rouge Edition Velvets, but can they stand their own?

Have you tried the Aqua Laques?


  1. These sound nice but then I haven't tried the velvets either. I do tend to reach for a lip gloss more in the summer so this could be something different and interesting for me to try,

  2. The Velvets are ahhmazing! But if you're more of a gloss kinda person then these might be a bit better for you :)

    Loves! Kirstie

  3. Grub and Beauty22 March 2015 at 15:36

    Hmm good review! not sure if I'll consider these now..

  4. Thanks :) oh no! How come?

    Loves! Kirstie


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