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10 March 2015

When I was contacted by Scent City a while back, I had never even heard of the company. I love perfume, so when someone suggests a website specialising in niche perfumery, I want to keep listening. What sets Scent City apart? It's total ease of use, combined with a selection of products that is seriously a luxe affair.

Talking of ease of use, if you were to head over to the Scent City website, you'd be fronted with the slogan "Meet The Urbanites". Instantly I was intrigued. It reminded me of The Sims spin-off The Urbz or a MIC/Gossip Girl hybrid. Either way, I wanted to not only meet, but be The Urbanites!

Essentially The Urbanites are a collection of personalities, all who like different genres of perfumes. Want to pick your dream scent? Simply select the Urbanite you associate with most, and the geniuses at Scent City will provide you with a selection of exquisite perfume options. 

So let's meet the Urbanites!

Ms Classic appreciates timeless beauty, and scent is no exception. Think Blake Lively. Forever sophisticated, she is pure old Hollywood glamour.

My pick for Ms Classic has a lot to do with the incredible bottle of Chic Shaik No 30 (£200) by Designer Shaik. However it is it's exotic notes that take it far beyond being a pretty addition to the dressing table. A combination I have never previously seen adorns the top notes of this fragrance. Transport yourself to an island in the Indian Ocean with bergamot, cardamom and passion fruit as the top notes. Imagine sipping Passionfruit cocktails in luscious green surroundings, with the creamy richness of cardamom adding a touch of luxury. This is the kind of holiday Ms Classic enjoys. Passionfruit appears again, to give Ms Classic an addictive quality. It isn't classic for nothing! This is combined with traditional florals and a deep creamy base of vanilla, tonka bean and sensual patchouli.

Think Olivia Palermo and her elegant style. To match her haute couture wardrobe, she needs a spectacular fragrance that'll give her a scent trail as exclusive as that coveted seat beside Ms Wintour on the FROW. She is Ms Sophisticated.

My top pick is 4Elements (£164) by Ramon Molvizar. This is a scent inspired by the four Platonic elements, combining the sensitivity and energy to produce a blend any sophisticate would be proud to adorn. Even the top notes alone read like a complete fragrance pyramid. Juicy fruits and luscious florals start the composition, greeted by more florals and mineral elements in the heart. This youthful breezy opening takes a seductuve turn as it is joined by patchouli, woods and honey. This is not just a scent, it is a fragrance journey through the elements of the world. 

Ms Romance...Think Taylor Swift. Constantly gets her heart broken and yet her romantic nature means she's always willing to give love a go. She's the girl next door that'll always stop to smell a rose, and dreams of her very own fairytale romance.

My top pick for Ms Romance has to be Pure White Goldskin (£164) by Ramon Molvizar. This scent revolves around the magic of white gold, and the purity it represents. Its opening is deliciously fruity, with orange blossom and Amalfi lemon. This freshness contrasts with a remarkably deep heart, perfect for a romantic. It takes sensual amber and vanilla but rose berries ensure it keeps its playful edge. Pure White Goldskin's closing notes are exotic, reminding us that pure doesn't mean she can't still be sexy.

Think Fleur De Force as Ms Friendly. She's the girls girl that everyone wants to be friends with. Always laughing, always smiling, she's a bundle of fun with an uplifting, girlie scent to match. 

Cheery Cherry by Alice & Peter was an easy choice for my top pick for Ms Friendly. A fun fruity cocktail, rounded by a sophisticated bouquet of subtle florals, (almost) every note is good enough to eat. Cheery Cherry opens with a berry compote of blackcurrant and sour cherry, whilst bergamot adds a zesty touch and emphasises the bitter edge which keeps the scent feeling fresh. The fruit cocktail continues, with red berry, apricot and peach, layered with a sophisticate of youthful florals: rose, lilac and freesia. A final fruity hit in the base with juicy strawberries and raspberries, and this delicious desert is finished off with vanilla and caramel, in a whip of white musk frosting. I deny you to resist this tempting composition. 

Think Mila Kunis as Ms Seductive. I'm a bit biased as she's my personal girl crush, but she just oozes sensuality. There's a difference in being plain sexy, this is a different, effortless kind of sexy. Scent plays a huge part. Make him think that deliciously dark scent trail is your natural pheromones and get his mind racing.

Putain des Palaces (£99) by Etat Libre D'Orange is the epitome of sensual scents. Allure should be on a very personal level, instead of being brash and  bolshy, wear a daring composition as a skin scent. When that someone special gets close, it'll increase the intimacy. Putain des Palaces "evokes a woman who dresses for seduction - a soft trail of lipstick, the rustling of lace". It's top notes bemuse with it's combination of demure rose, then shoots that out the window with a hit of fiery ginger. Leather on a woman is timelessly sexy and it unites the composition with lily of the valley and violet. Warm amber creates a familiarity, but the passion comes fleeting back with the scent of raw animalic notes. Putain des Palaces will ignite the chemistry with it's intricate and bold composition. Use it wisely. You're welcome.

Think the queen of High Maintenance, Blair Waldorf herself. What would Blair do? Turn to her spectacular perfume wardrobe of course!

Hedonist  (£122) by Viktoria Minya is the ultimate scent for the high maintenance gal. To quote Scent City, it is "designed for the woman who dares to be true to her desires". It combines exotic fruits, florals and woods with some of life's guilty pleasures: Rum CO2 accords, tobacco. The base is deep and mysterious with vetiver, Cedarwood and vanilla, a sign that high maintenance can be a very alluring quality in a woman.

Writing about perfume is something I'll never tire of!


  1. Sounds interesting, definitely something I'll be looking at!

    Beka. xo

  2. Thanks lovely! It's such a fun concept and makes choosing a scent so easy. Great for selecting presents too :)

    Loves! Kirstie

  3. TheCreativeGeek10 March 2015 at 18:33

    Ohhhhh I love things that smell do they do men's scents ?
    Great post

  4. They do indeed! There's a whole men's section of 'The Urbanites', Mr Classic, Mr Sophisticated etc. I'd love to know which one you are! Haha

    Loves! Kirstie

  5. Such a great article. These scent city people sound interesting! *thumbs up*


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