Is Alexa Chung The 'It' Girl?

18 March 2015

Never have I seen a book appear in so many blog posts, and not for it's literary merit. Rather, purely as it's title foresees, for it's It factor. It's the background prop that no blogger can be without. I myself have been guilty of using it in a photo or two, but is It actually worth a read? I've never been the hugest fan of Alexa Chung. I was aware of her from her Alex and Alexa/T4 days, but suddenly she seemed to swap teeny bopper chat shows for front row at Chanel. Am I the only one confused?

I recently watched a YouTube tutorial featuring Alexa, as part of her Eyeko collaboration and almost laughed at the depth of her voice. As she admits in her book, her cigarette addiction hasn't done her any favours. Shorty after the launch of It, I flicked through a copy at the bookstore. Yes it was all pretty pictures, but did it warrant a £15+ spend? The answer obviously was no, so I left empty handed. However seeing It on every other blog made me wonder... Is there something I've missed?

I was delighted to pick up It from my local library. I've not been doing as much reading recently, but I managed to read it from start to finish one lovely Saturday evening. It showcases everything that makes Alexa Chung cool. It depicts her life from the early days till now, although it just brushes the surface, through hipster-esque photography (selfies of course) and artwork. 

If you're looking for an in-depth autobiography, you're not going to get that here. It is almost as though Alexa is afraid of seeing the real her, beyond the soft focus Instagrams, scared of people thinking that her life may not be as sugar coated as we all think. Do we get to know the real Alexa through It? The answer is no.

I found It to be an enjoyable read at the time, but far from a memorable one. I have to admit I do like Alexa a little more than before, but I've been left a little underwhelmed. If Alexa's game is to create an air of mystery, then yes, she achieved it. What I found missing were the funny memoirs, embarrassing moments, the gems of autobiographies that make us realise celebrities are human beings after all. 

Have you read It?


  1. Its so true, I think everyone owns this book now just to feature in a photo, aha. I have the hard backed one though and it does look pretty on my desk!
    Caroline x

  2. The hardback one is much prettier than the paperback. It's funny that this book is such a blogger cliché haha.

    Loves! Kirstie


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