Adjusting After Dropping Out of Uni

20 April 2015

Dropping out of Uni is inevitable for some, but it is not the be all and end all, I would know! I dropped out of uni in the middle of November, and moved back to my parents house. In collaboration with the lovely Amreeta from Curly NeedleI've put together a series of 5 tips on how to adjust to life back at home after dropping out of Uni. It's a guide post, with a bit of personal stuff mixed in, as I know how it feels first hand. If you did graduate (congrats!), you might want to check out Amreeta's post.

1) Surround yourself with friends who understand

Taking the plunge to quit Uni is a really big decision, and it can often be a confusing time. Some of my friends were so brilliantly understanding, but others were couldn't understand why I didn't confide in them at the time. The best thing for me was to remove myself from any toxic friendships and concentrate on the friends that truly cared. I honestly couldn't have done it without them!

2) Be considerate at home

I was so unbelievably happy to be back at home, that it didn't take any time to adjust to being in my old stomping ground. I was a little upset that my mum said it took a while to adjust to having an extra person around, but you need to remember that they've gotten used to not having you around. A little consideration is necessary for family members as it may be a shock having you back, and you shouldn't take that to heart. 

3) Find something to concentrate on

I was really lucky that I had my blog, so having a lot more time to spend on it is amazing! Staying busy stops you from getting down about things. Having more spare time means it's a great opportunity to do something you always wanted to, such as start a YouTube channel, join the gym, train for a race, or get crafty!

4) Take your time

Leaving Uni can be a bit traumatic, and you might not know what's around the corner for you. There's such a big expectation to get a job straight away, but I was reluctant to go from doing something I hated, straight into something else that makes me unhappy. As long as funds allow, there's no pressure to get a job until you feel you're ready to. 

5) You're the master of your own future

It has taken me a good three months to get my head together and decide what I'd like to do. Whether you want to go back to Uni to do a different course, do an apprenticeship or simply get a job, make sure you choose it wisely, you don't have to pick straight away. Think about what you are good at, and what you enjoy. 

Your career is a choice that can only be made by you, so if you have a dream, why not follow it? 


  1. I love it! Have a nice day sweetheart!!

    Algo pasa con Mary | Please, join my International Polka Dots Dress Giveaway

  2. Thanks very much! You too :)

    Loves! Kirstie

  3. Such a nice, honest post. I graduated last year but considered dropping out of uni loads! I'm like you and want a career in writing too - here's hoping we'll get there one day :)

    Beth x

  4. Oh thank you Beth. Congrats on graduating! Fingers crossed for you too :)

    Loves! Kirstie


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