Behind The Brew: Chaiholics Loose Leaf Chai

18 April 2015

Following my Talking Teas: Chai post, where I expressed my struggles to find a decent DIY chai, the lovely people at Chaiholics, a specialist chai bistro in Cardiff (my old stomping ground) got in touch. They very kindly offered to send me some of their at-home blends, which I was absolutely thrilled about as I was thinking of ordering some anyway. I was sent a lovely set, the Exotic Chai Gift Pack 2* containing three 50g tins of loose leaf chai. I was adamant I wanted chai teabags; I used to make it in a pan and found it a bit of a faff, however having the masala and the tea mixed in together really makes the process easier. 

To make my chai, I use 2/3 of a mug of water and 1/3 milk and add that too a pan. When this comes to the boil, simply add in a teaspoon of the chai mix, along with a teaspoon of sugar (optional) and simmer until it becomes the desired colour. This gets strained into a mug ready to drink. This has become an afternoon ritual that I really love doing. I absolutely love the packaging of these little tins of chai. The design completely reflect the colourful energy I associate with the nation. It is this attention to detail, which is continued in store, that really makes Chaiholics so special. I just can't stop raving about them!

Classic Masala is described as "A blend of rich Assam black tea with cardamom, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon for a perfect cuppa". This was easily my favourite, as it has the best balance of flavours. I was pleased that it didn't have a powdery taste to it like the Twinings chai tea bags did, and I could taste all the individual spices as well as the Assam tea.  

Aromatic Cardamom is described as "A blend of Assam black tea with the finest handpicked malabar cardamom from Northern India". Cardamom is one of my favourite spices, so when I visited Chaiholics last year, Aromatic Cardamom was the one I chose, and really enjoyed. I was most intrigued to find out how the at-home version compared. I did enjoy this blend however I missed having the other spices, so it didn't quite hit the spot like the Classic Masala did, but it is lovely as a change.

Energising Ginger is described as "A zesty blend of Assam black tea and fresh ginger releasing a warm aftertaste". Energising Ginger was the blend I expected to like the least, especially seeing as it had quite a strong smell. However after the first few sips, I got used to the gingeriness and I started to quite enjoy it. Again, much like Aromatic Cardamom, I probably wouldn't have this blend all the time, but I can imagine this one would be really warming in the winter.

Working out at £5 per tin, I think this set is a pretty good price seeing as I can imagine them lasting quite a long time. All of these blends are also available in 100g single tins for £9.50, as well as their 'experience' chai blends and single origin teas such as Darjeeling. Out of the blends I tried, I think I'd be most likely to repurchase the Classic Masala, although there are a few others I'd like to try. The Experience Chai Gift Pack particularly looks intriguing as it contains some regional chai blends. 

As I mentioned before, as well as having an online store, Chaiholics is a chai bistro/restaurant. If you are ever in the Cardiff area, I do urge you to pay a visit as it is an absolute gem! You can read about my visit hereThe store can be found at: Unit 6, The Globe Centre, Wellfield Road, Cardiff, CF24 3PJ

 - Post contains PR samples provided on behalf of Chaiholics -
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