Behind The Brew: Jollybrew Luxury Loose Leaf Tea

23 April 2015

After featuring the holy grail British brand, Burberry in a post earlier on this week, I have unintentionally given this week an All-British theme. Here's an ode to everyone's favourite English pastime, drinking tea! Jollybrew are a brand hailing from High Wycome, dedicated to delivering innovative flavour combinations with quintessentially British names - think Tea On The Thames, Super Spiffing Strawberry etc. I was very kindly sent two of their loose tea blends to try out, Proper Peppermint and a sample of London Calling.  

Proper Peppermint* (£4.25) is described as being "cool, fresh and powerfully minty. Ideal for cleansing your palette after a meal, peppermint is an excellent tea for settling a tummy." Peppermint tea is an absolute staple in our house, as I choose to drink it post-caffeine watershed, as well as after a bit of a carb fest (which is way too often than I'd like to admit). I've tried loose leaf peppermint tea before, and was far from impressed, so I expected similar things from Jollybrew (no offence guys!). However I was pleasantly surprised. There is a hefty amount of peppermint oil in the blend, which comes through beautifully and really gives this tea the edge. It certainly is the most refreshing peppermint tea that I've tried!

London Calling* (sampler £2.50) is Jollybrew's signature blend. "This is one of our favourites here at Jollybrew. Tastes like a mix between an English Breakfast and an Earl Grey, with that wonderful hint of jasmine. Truly delicious". Jollybrew have again proved pretty psychic, as earl grey is another of our household daily tea staples. At first I found it's delicate flavours a little too floral for my palette so used to traditional EG, but it is definitely growing on me. I'd recommend this for an afternoon brew.

Out of the two, Proper Peppermint is by far the favourite. At £3.49 for 30g, I think it works out as good value as you only end up using one teaspoon per cup. Jollybrew have some incredible sounding blends, including Pukka Pumpkin Spice and Mint Choc Royale. They sell all their blends in affordable sample packets (from £1.50), which are more than enough for about 5+ cups. This conveniently means that you can afford to try as many flavours as you like!

- Post contains PR samples provided on behalf of Jollybrew -
- This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product -


  1. Hi Kirstie,

    You ok today? Just read your post and now I'm craving a proper English tea time with scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream. :) Do you think the peppermint would go with it? Happy weekend xxx

    Caz | Style Lingua

  2. I'm good thank you lovely!
    It's probably not traditional but I drink so much mint tea that I pretty much have it with anything haha :) Now you've made me crave scones!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend too :)

    Loves! Kirstie


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