Micro Cell Nail Repair Treatment

16 April 2015

To say my nails have never been my best feature is a bit of an understatement. Because I bit my nails all throughout my childhood years, I felt that they never grew properly, and never looked nice. It's only in recent years that I've properly started to look after my nails, but I'd noticed in the last few months or so that they'd been really quite flaky and weak. 

When I heard about the Micro Cell Nail Repair* (£18.50), it was a bit of a hallelujah moment. Could this be the answer to my ugly nails? Nail Repair has been specially developed for soft and brittle nails and has a restorative effect on the underlying proteins in the corneal layer. Scientific lingo aside, it basically means that your nails will be stronger from cuticle to tip, so they will grow longer, resisting tears. Sounds good so far...

Micro Cell suggest using one coat every day, removing the layers and starting on bare nails every two days. It was quite hard to remember to take it off! However it is when you do remove it that you really appreciate it's conditioning effects. My nails looked and felt nourished, as well as feeling stronger and less susceptible to a cheeky peeling sesh as time went on.

I tested out Nail Repair for the advised time of three weeks, with the treatment on just on the left hand, leaving the right hand bare. I had fully planned to do a before and after, but I accidentally had a biting session, so massive apologies on that front, I will try to add an updated picture in when I can! I will say however that my nails on the left hand stayed in great condition, whilst I saw the right continue to flake and split!

I'd definitely recommend the Micro Cell Nail Repair for an intensive treatment to get your nails back on track, and it's great that you can also use it as a base coat to continue to treat your nails. I enjoyed the slight shine it gave the nails when the product was on, as it gave them a lovely, healthy look. Another thing to note, Nail Repair is also available in a matte finish, perfect for a barely there look, or even for a guy!

Do your nails need a helping hand?

 - Post contains PR samples provided on behalf of Micro Cell -
- This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product -


  1. hi very helpful post my nails are also weak and easily can broke I think I should go for it it sounds a great treatment......

  2. Thank you, really glad it's been useful! Let me know how you get on :)

    Loves! Kirstie


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