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21 April 2015

After following KISS Cosmetics Saturated Colour (Edit:the brand rebranded in 2016) on Facebook for the last few months, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be involved in the their big launch. Dubbed the new Makeup Revolution, Saturated Colour is a colour focused beauty brand that has developed their products with bloggers and makeup artists in mind. I was invited to join their Facebook group, where I, along with many other bloggers, were consulted on all aspects of development, from product formulas to packaging. I feel very proud to finally have a Saturated Colour product in my hands, as watching the brand develop has been like watching a baby grow! 

Saturated Colour wanted to focus their line entirely on lip products initially, with an emphasis on quality formulas and universally flattering shades. Created by Danielle Fenwick, she says of the brand,"My vision was to create a fashion forward, wild colour cosmetics brand that offers unique innovative twists along the way". 

I was selected to introduce Locked Lips* (£3.50) to the blogging world, a clear lips sealant, designed to make your lipstick withstand eating, drinking and playing (make of that what you will!). Now this is something that 100% appealed to me. I've completely fallen for those long-lasting liquid lipsticks for the reason that they are completely fuss-free, a lazy girls' dream. Because of this, I've shunned my traditional lipsticks as of late. That is until two gorgeous red lipsticks bounced through my postbox in the over the weekend that changed everything. I've been absolutely obsessed with wearing a bold bright red lip with minimal makeup.

The lipsticks in question? The Military Red Burberry Kisses, which I posted about here, and another so generously sent from Saturated. It isn't just any old lipstick, it is a LIPSStick, a name that I adore! I tested out the LIPSStick in the shade Caressing Red* (£7). Caressing Red is a classic blue toned red, notorious for being a suit-all shade. It feels gorgeously creamy and easy to apply to the lips, as well as being really comfortable to wear. I tested it first of all on it's own, and then again with Locked Lips applied over the top.

Without Locked Lips, the LIPSstick lasted around 3 hours, eating a Creme Egg and drinking in the process, and needed (by my picky standards) a touch up. With Locked Lips applied over the top, I found I could drink without things getting too smudgy. Locked Lips also retains the vibrancy of the shade, whilst giving it more of a matte look. The secret to Locked Lips? More is more. Don't be afraid of being generous. You need to cover the whole lip to keep it all kissproof, something I didn't do the first time I used it. Believe me, it makes all the difference! My trick? Load up the brush and tip the wand on it's side to apply. 

The negatives? The packaging is pretty basic (although before you get to picky, it is only £3.50), and it does resemble, and smell like, nail varnish. I'm also not keen on the feeling as it dries, which is akin to the feeling of a clay face mask drying. You also need to ensure that your lips are super moisturised, as it is not suitable for dry or cracked lips. Believe me, things get stingy! That being said, these things are only minor, and are by no means a deal breaker. Anything that'll make my lippy last longer is a winner in my book. 

- Post contains PR samples provided on behalf of Saturated Colour -

- This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product -


  1. Sounds like this is going to be a brand to watch! It's great to see them working so closely with bloggers to develop their products, it's nice to see our input is appreciated! Your lips look stunning on your photo, and for the price this is defiantly something I will be keeping my eye on :D


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