ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

4 April 2015

I'm a serious insomniac, so anything that promises me an easier nights sleep and I'm all ears. One things that's been buzzing around the blogosphere is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from ThisWorks. It's pretty pricey full size (around £16.50), so I managed to pick up a mini one around Christmas time.

The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a relaxing blend of lavender and vetiver, which gives it a deeper and more masculine spin on traditional lavender, which I quite liked. The first night trying the pillow spray was amazing. Placebo effect or not, I had an incredible night's sleep as it really relaxed me and allowed me to concentrate on my breathing. That continued for the next night or two. However it stopped working for me.

Anything scented attracts me, so I imagined being enveloped in the most relaxing scent, but I found it way too subtle! Because of this, I've switched back to my essential oil blends that I can actually smell, and won't be buying this again I'm afraid! I found it way too expensive for what it does. I'd love to hear your experiences of the ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray!


  1. I've never tried anything like this before! It looks cool though

    Love Vicki |

  2. Try a mini one! :)

    Loves! Kirstie


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