How To Be Parisian Book Review

28 June 2015

Life|Style|Bites: How To Be Parisian Book Review

Much like the book I featured in my last review, How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are (RRP £16.99) has become a massive blogger cliché. Feature this in an Instagram pic and it's a one way ticket to a whole host of likes. Aside from that, is it actually worth the read? How To Be Parisian is a collaboration between four friends, Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Anne Berest. It is very much a coffee table book, with lots of minimalist, aspirationnal images, yet there is lots to read too. It is something you can just pick up and turn to a random page as it doesn't follow a logical order. How To Be Parisian wouldn't be complete without a little bit of history. Not too much that it becomes bore city, and the topics of feminism and iconic Parisian women set the tone for the rest of the book.

Life|Style|Bites: How To Be Parisian Book Review

Written with a dreamlike pace, everything is aspirational and luxurious and makes you wish you were in Paris. And of course Chanel and Diptyque make their obligatory appearances. How To Be Parisian has it's tongue in cheek sections: The ABCs of Cheating, Being Naked and how to navigate your way through the party you don't really want to be at. It also shows you how to host your very own French dinner party, with failsafe recipes and even lighthearted games to break the ice. However something you may not expect is it all getting a little Hack My Life in the section: Ancestral Tips (We Never Forget Our Roots). Now I'll never have a vase of roses sans aspirin, it makes them last longer. 

Life|Style|Bites: How To Be Parisian Book Review

I imagine a Parisian woman to be worldly and educated, and How To Be Parisian includes sections so you can be just as cultured. There's a fab list of niche films set in Paris; there's no sign of the obvious choice of Amelie here! If you're stuck for something to watch, they suggest 2 Days in Paris or The Regular Lovers. Again avoiding the obvious options, there's an awesome reading list that I can't wait to get stuck into. Most useful of all is an address book full of great places should you ever visit Paris. 

It isn't all about being rich, flashy or obviously sexy; the Parisienne is under the radar, subtle and casual. She strives to let her personality and intelligence shine. Beauty is also refreshing. From the land that has brought us some of the greatest beauty houses, it is great to see someone preach that no one is perfect and that natural beauty is encouraged. The best makeup looks are minimal; maybe a feline flick with a nude lip, or bare eyes and red lipstick.I think it paints a responsible ideal to young girls, you don't need to use every item in your makeup bag at once or show your boobs AND legs to look great. 

The Parisienne is achingly cool, but anyone can identify with their musings. The 6:00 pm Debate: The Gym rings all too familiar. The awesome realisation that I have something in common with the Parisienne (Yes!! *fistpumps*).

Life|Style|Bites: How To Be Parisian Book Review

How To Be is a fun take on the 21st century Parisienne. It is a memorable read and is unlike anything I've read before. like that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It doesn't come across like a set of rules, and isn't too try hard (something I found while reading It by Alexa Chung . It is a book that I will come back to time and time again, and is the perfect escapism from a drizzly lazy sunday. 

How To Be Parisian encapsulates everything we already thought about the Parisian woman, and also paints new ideals. It makes me want to don my monochromes and adorn my lips in that classic shade of rouge. Yes I can give it my best shot, but I'll never be as goddamn cool as a bonafide 21st century Parisienne. 

What's your favourite coffee table book?

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