Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush & Contour Palette Review

8 June 2015

Well this is a beauty of a product if ever there was one! Enter the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar. This hit the shelves last winter and although I was drawn in by its prettiness, I was adamant I didn't need it. That was until my local Superdrug got it's own Makeup Revolution counter. Let's just say I got a lil bit excited...

This palette houses 8 pans of face powder, ranging from blush, highlight, bronze, and a few shades more suited to use on the eyes. Out of these 8 shades, three have been added to my daily arsenal, as they prove to be near perfection. I'll go into a bit more detail about these as I talk through the shades.

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1) White Baked Highlight - This is a stark white highlight shade, with huge amounts of shimmer. This isn't one I'd wear everyday, but I'm not opposed to cracking it out for a cheeky inner-corner job or to grace my cheekbones when there's no such thang as OTT.

2) Pink Baked Blush - A sugary pastel pink blush that isn't too heavy on the shimmer so it's great for neutral makeup days. It is nice but doesn't come close to the mighty blush that sits to it's right.

3) Rose Gold Baked Blush - One of my golden three, I'm in love with this rosy blush. It might not look too crazy in the pan, but holy moly just wait until it hits your cheeks! It has super pretty golden tones running through that make you look oh so healthy, and means you can skip highlighter. Now I haven't tried the infamous Hourlass Ambient Lighting Blushes, but if these are anything to go by, I'm sold! I've been using this everyday and will be devastated if it runs out.

4) Golden Shimmery Bronzer - This is a shade I'm yet to crack out, and it's the kind I strictly reserve for the height of summer when I want a bronzed beyond the valley of the bronze look. Whack this on as a blush and it'll pick up beautifully on the cheeks. Day to day this just doesn't get a look in as shimmery bronzers are 99.9% not a good thing.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar Review

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5) Golden Subtle Highlight - Another shoutout to Hourglass and I'm pretty sure this must be an Ambient Lighting Powder dupe. It is the most beautiful subtle golden highlight that works like a dream to casually pick out those cheekbones. I love this shade down the centre of the nose, and I even find myself dusting it on my chin and forehead. It's gotta be a good'un if it's converting the Queen of Matte to the glow! 

6) Muted Pink Eyeshadow - Now this glitterball of a pinky brown shade isn't marketed as an eyeshadow, but it's bomb of pigment (and indeed shimmer) make it near on impossible to wear on the face. As an eyeshadow though, it's a one swipe wonder thanks to the insane pigmentation. 

7) Copper Eyeshadow - In a similar way to the last shade, this is just way too pigmented and glittery to go anywhere that isn't my eyelids. While I'm a huge fan of coppery lids, this is a ridiculously warm shade, so I think I'll need to do a bit more experimenting before I can comfortably wear it! 

8) Bronzer - Last but by no means least is the bronzer, another one of my favourite shades. It is a medium toned warm bronze, that still works out okay as a contour. The formula is beautiful, it is matte yet feels like it is enriched with some kind of oil, it just blends so beautifully. I have a huge problem with dusty bronzers (Benefit Hoola, NYC Sunny) especially when using a huge fluffy brush, but I'm pleased to report this is lovely and buttery and has just the right level of pigmentation for all your bronzing and contouring needs.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar Review

Although some of the shades of the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette are a bit of a hit and miss, I couldn't live without the bronzer, baked blush and highlight in my daily routine. I love that this product is completely different to anything else in my makeup collection, and as always it is incredible value at just £6.

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