Products I Regret Buying #2

15 July 2015

With the amount of products I test out, the majority are okay. A smaller minority are AWESOME, but it's inevitable that there will be some that just don't step up to the mark. Here are the latest five products that I'm giving the flick.

I picked up the Venus Secrets Organic Olive & Pomegranate Body Lotion on holiday in Crete a few years ago, and although the scent was like rhubarb and custard (yum), the lotion was too runny and was lacking in the hydration department. It has been sitting on my bathroom shelf for quite a few years, so maybe it's time to let go.

There was a point last year when all the big bloggers were raving about the See by Chloe fragrance. Although I liked the scent when I tried it in store, when I picked up a sample I instantly disliked it. Not dissimilar to furniture polish, the cold woodsy vanilla just didn't sit well with me and ended up giving me a migraine. That's an instant black mark against its name.

I received the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo in Martinique in a Birchbox a few months back. Bronzer I kid you not. This is a) eyeshadow sized and b) far from a bronzey shade. It is just too small to swirl a fluffy brush and doesn't colour even my pale skin. I thought these would be a winner as eyeshadows but they are lacking in pigmentation and are chalk city.

Forever on the hunt for the perfect nude, I was in love with the gorgeous neutral pink of the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm. However as the day goes on, the balm oxidises to leave an unsightly bright pink stain around the edges of your lips. Last time I checked, Coco the Clown was not my beauty crush. On the plus side, this balm does smell and taste like white chocolate. Every cloud...

I was sent this sample of the Narynda Skincare Night Cream after they tweeted out offering testers of their products. First of all, this cream comes in with almost a solid texture. It definitely needs a little warming with your hands. I found it too thick and rich for my oily skin, but the biggest deal breaker is the scent. To my nose, I get a hefty dose of alcohol. I'd expect my night creams to send me in a slumber of aromatherapy goodness, so this didn't go down too well with me. I struggled to use up this tiny sample so It's pretty clear I won't be buying a full size!

Are there any products that really disappointed you? 

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