I'm a Comper Convert!

8 July 2015

My first giveaway highs were shot down soon after realising my precious giveaway had been posted on Money Saving Expert, for all compers to access. It was to commemorate a year of Kimamely Beauty, and I wanted to reward a lovely reader with a cute gift. I was devastated, angry and confused, and a fan of compers I was not.

I think a lot of beauty bloggers share that view, deep down we want another blogger to win. Why would we want a random person that enters ALL the competitions just for a freebie to win? What if they sold it on eBay instead of lovingly using my prize? 

After a discussion on the UK Bloggers Facebook group, the members had opened my eyes to the beauty of the comping community, and how they can benefit bloggers. 

First of all, traffic is traffic! Often compers will stay around and browse your other posts. Most likely they will be new visitors, so there could literally be hundreds of new posts for them to read. I know for a fact that this week, halfway through my BakerDays giveaway, my average view time has increased fivefold!

The UK Bloggers mentioned that compers have ended up being some of their most loyal readers. Already I have had some lovely comments from compers saying how much they have been loving reading my posts. Coincidentally overall I've had more meaningful comments, whole paragraphs worth! Let's face it, unless they are bloggers themselves, compers won't have links to spam, so you won't be getting any of the "great post, I'm at xxx.com" lark.

I've loved interacting with compers this week, thanking them for entering, and I've had nothing but positive experiences with them. With respects to any previous rants or negative thoughts I had about compers, I was wrong. I'm a comper convert! 

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