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20 July 2015

Music Mondays: The Best Tech To Get Your Teeth Into

Having great music is one thing, but using entry level speaker systems and generic earphones are never going to give you the sound experience you really crave. Over the years, many a pair of headphones have come and gone, and it's inevitable that the cheap pairs will end up battered, bruised and forgotten about at the bottom of your bag, with at least one ear bud conking out. Here's a round up of some of my tech favourites and a few I'm just itching to add to my stash.

Music Mondays: The Best Tech To Get Your Teeth Into

First things first, let's talk earphones. With the free ones with smartphones and iPods, the idea of spending just shy of £100 on a single pair is quite frankly alarming. Running on a high after a hefty tax rebate, I headed straight to purchase myself a pair of Beats. With their instantly recognisable red wires, they could have easily been a gimmick, but with excellent sound quality and a boombing bass hidden inside a hardy exterior, they have easily lasted three years. £90 well spent. The pair I have are the iBeats, which have now been replaced by the Urbeats (£79.99). Despite being obsessed with my Beats, I can't help but lust after this beautiful rose gold pair from Ted Baker (£49.99) too. There's no such thing as too many pairs of headphones...?

With the ever increasing popularity of iPods and tablets, everything is portable these days. No one wants to be restricted by the length of the power cord, so a mini speaker is a must. I purchased the Philips SBA3010BLU/00 Portable Speaker (£14.99) to take on holiday last year and was very impressed. The volume and sound quality are second to none for it's size and I've used it everywhere: for picnics in the park, at friends houses, on the beach. It's the underdog of summer essentials.

Moving on to speakers of the bigger and better variety, there are times when you really need a 'proper' speaker system. Despite being bulk city, my old laptop speakers had a bass that would shake your bones, a feeling I've missed. Top of my lust list is the Panasonic SC-NE1 Wireless Streaming Speaker System (£79.99). This sleek wall-mountable speaker houses a CD player, and a top spec design. One particularly awesome feature is the Aero Stream Port, a 3D structure that controls airflow to produce the best quality sound. Sounds cool to me! Being able to change the track from anywhere in the room via Bluetooth makes it perfect for house parties, and times when you want to blast out those feel-good tunes and dance. At £79.99, it isn't too far out of my price range and would definitely be worth it for the sound quality it promises.

Finally, I've been searching for an pretty but affordable vintage DAB radio for so long, so when I cast my eye over the Bush Leather DAB/FM Radio (£49.99), I was in awe. I used to love listening to the radio, but the underpar FM signal always left me hanging mid-song. A purchase may just have to happen, although it'll be hard to choose a shade; the Aubergine is just as gorgeous as the Pistachio shown above.

What are your music tech must haves?

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