Birchbox, Thanks for the Introduction

4 July 2015

Birchbox, Thanks for the Introduction

It is very rare that, a few hours before a post is due to be uploaded, that I completely change its direction. I'd originally planned to do a reflection on having subscribed to Birchbox for six months, however it ended up as an all-out dissing sesh, and that was in no way my intention. I very much like to view the world through rose-tinted glasses, paying attention to the positives and all that. I've loved some of the products I've discovered via Birchbox, so this post is dedicated to five of my favourites.

Birchbox, Thanks for the Introduction

Shaveworks The Cool Fix was a product I was delighted to recieve. I soon discovered that it made the perfect post-epilation cool-down, and sorted out second-day-shave itchy underarms like a dream. I've since purchased a full size Cool Fix, result! (January Birchbox)

A product I mentioned recently in my Midweek Maskerade post is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I cannot rave about this toddy scented product enough. It leaves my skin looking brighter and smoother, feeling moisturised as well as somehow being purified. I've even just splashed out £32 on a full size, which is rare for me. Hello new favourite mask! (January Birchbox)

Think Thierry Mugler's Angel in leave-in conditioner form and you've got this wonder from Beauty Protector, their Protect & Detangle. I reach for this whenever I'm in need of a treat or there's a BNO (Big Night Out) on the horizon. One spritz of this and you'll be catching wafts of the beautiful scent until you next jump in the shower. (January Birchbox)

Birchbox, Thanks for the Introduction

Now I'm not usually one to get all out excited over a nail polish (despite my hoarding), but there was something about Lola Barcelona that had me hooked from the start. The formula was far superior to those I'd tried in recent times (Essie, I'm looking at you). It is a dream to apply but what seals the deal is the colour. The shade Rambla is pretty reminiscent of about 5 polishes already in my collection, so I thought "nothin' new to see here", but Lola Barcelona manage to pack a serious punch of gloss into this polish. It gives that just come back from the salon look that has me weak at the knees. (April Birchbox)

One final product to mention is the Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Body Lotion. I was thrilled that the scent I received was right up my street; a stellar combo of lavender and rose, paired with a luxuriously rich formula. This is the perfect before bed treat, and it'll have you sleeping into next week.

Cheers Birchbox for introducing me to these amazing products. Amongst all the bumf, there are some awesome discoveries to be made from the boxes. Unfortunately the majority of the samples just weren't getting used, as I ended up with too many and too little time to test them. For that reason I've had to pull the plug on my subscription for the time being. Maybe when I'm in need of a surprise I'll be back in line. *Heads straight for the Birchbox website to sign back up*

What's been your best subscription box discovery? 

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