The 4 Bloggers That Are Absolutely Killing It Right Now

17 July 2015

I'm at the dreaded '2000 follows' Twitter limit right now (help a gal out?) so in the process of downsizing, I realised that I no longer follow any of those hideous spam accounts and all the rest. I follow near on 2000 bloggers! They're all awesome, but these four ladies are doing something extra special these days that's won my heart through and through.

I've been following Lily from Pint Sized Beauty for quite a while now, and have really seen her blog come on in leaps and bounds. She photographs each product so beautifully and has an enigmatic writing style so it's a no brainer that Pint Sized Beauty is easily one of my new favourite blogs. I find myself logging on to catch the latest beauty goss most days!

I first found Ninz Beauty on Facebook and was instantly captivated by her beautifully styled photographs. She gives the goss about how to achieve her photos too, she ain't no shady lady! I always enjoy catching up with Ninz's latest posts and she's another one to watch for sure.

Zoe Newlove is my new love. Simple. Sorry, couldn't resist! This a blog that I stumbled upon a few weeks back and I was in awe. How had I never come across this blog before? I was hooked and luckily Zoe had a whole host of content for me to get my teeth into. Again she's one for the beautiful pictures (anyone sensing a little jealousy here?) and she's a stunner so that helps too. It's interesting to note that she's a makeup artist, so I'm always keen to read her opinions on new beauty releases!

This last one is a bit of a cheat as it's a new introduction rather than a current favourite. I got chatting to Caterina a few days ago in a twitter chat and found her to be the loveliest girl. Naturally I headed over to her blog The Covet Beauty to be greeted by the most beautiful, professional site. Her photography is top notch, and she posts about an enviable mix of high end lustables. If this is The Covet Beauty in it's baby stages then my gosh, we have the World's Next Top Blog on our hands.

If you're in need of a new read, hopefully these will get you kickstarted. They've all definitely inspired me this month with their awesome imagery and cracking content. Go follow! 

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