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13 July 2015

The Manicure Menu Barry M Sugar Apple Essie Chillato Nails Inc Sao Paolo Streets Barry M Eat My Dust

I'm very excited to be finally sitting down to write this post. It's one I've been planning since way before my blogging break and it's going to become a regular thing, my friends. The Manicure Menu is a monthly dedication to what's graced my nails over the past few weeks. I have an unhealthy amount of nail polishes lurking in the sidelines, so it's only right that they get their five minutes of fame.

In the past month I've been all about the pastels. Blue is my new favourite hue, and yes, that's 99% due to Vivianna Does Makeup banging on about Topshop Blue Rinse and all the rest. However Blue Rinse didn't happen, I was strong! I decided it was way too similar to the first polish in the mix, Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust (£3.99). Kudos to the name, making us all reminisce about The Simpsons, Eat My Dust is the most beautiful pale cornflower. I don't get on too well with the lighter hues, they tend to streak all over the show. However the Speedy Dry formula is Barry M's best yet. Yes, it really does dry in no time, applies streak free with a beautiful glossy finish. Plus the shade range is unbeatable, a gorgeous collection of sugary pastels. I might be making another speedy purchase.

Next up is a neutral shade that has me torn. As I mentioned above, the lighter shades leave me feeling frustrated as they apply streakier than streaky bacon and need about a thousand coats to run opaque. A smudge and a few tears are guaranteed at some point. Last year's limited edition Nails Inc and InStyle collaboration brought us Sao Paolo Streets, a beautiful cool-toned pale greige. The shade that dreams are made of. Yep, the formula is a bit off; I think a lot of the cheaper brands are really killing it with their formulas recently, and it's the pricier brands that really can't compete. However Nails Inc really know a lust-worthy shade when they see one. And this is one.

Essie is a brand that gets so much attention in the Blogosphere, but is one that I'm yet to fall in love with. It's a bit of another Nails Inc situation; beautiful shades but I always end up with a premature chip or two. Beautiful doesn't quite cut it with this shade. Chillato (£7.99) is the most incredible pastel lime green, with an almost neon yellow tint, and surprisingly is actually really flattering on the nails. What makes it better is that it reminds me of my favourite ice cream flavour! Pass me a spoon...

Finishing up with another nod to Barry M, and this time it's a polish from their Gelly Hi-Shine range. This formula has taken over as Barry M's signature, and rightly so. Glossy, easy to apply, pigmented and in a beautiful range of colours. One of the standouts has to be Sugar Apple (£3.99). This is a minty shade with just the right balance of green and blue, and despite being a pastel, it has a certain vibrancy and freshness to it. It really adds a pop to your nails without being over the top.

What's your go-to summer nail polish? 

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