The Ultimate Summer Playlist, Compiled By Bloggers

6 July 2015

In a bid to create the ultimate bloggers playlist, I asked on Facebook "What's the one song that instantly reminds you of summer?". You guys have hit the nail on the head and have come up with some ace songs, and I know this playlist will come up trumps summer after summer.

1) Best Coast - The Only Place

I'm going to start off with my personal favourite. I downloaded The Only Place in 2012, and listened to it non-stop that summer. It's the happy-go-lucky guitars and breezy vocals that do it for me, such a laidback song that has stood the test of time to become my number 1 song of summer. Image source | YouTube 

2) Bill Withers - Lovely Day

As recommended by Claire from Hey Claire Bear
"Soo my go to summer song...every time is Lovely Day by Bill Withers. Totally obscure I know haha! It was a song I heard a lot growing up, my grandparents listening to it every now and again and hearing it on the radio. I listen to a lot of music from other era's so I kept coming back to this one. Having not really heard it in a little while, when we had those gorgeous few days in April I started singing the words not remembering the name of the song so I had to look it up! I was super impressed and have not stopped singing it, I love dancing in the sun to it. It's such a mellow, feel good song! Makes me think of relaxing at the beach or in the park with my fave people and happy memories. I love it so much!" Image source | YouTube 

3) One Direction - No Control

As recommended by Arianne from Ayre.

"Summer is the season for having fun and maybe a little fling ;) What better song to choose than a song about losing control when you're with someone you really like? Also, I am absolutely loving Louis Tomlinson's vocals in this song. I am so proud of him!" Image source | YouTube

4) Florence and The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

As recommended by Holly from Rock on Holly.
"She was playing one year that I went to V Festival, and every time I hear this song it takes me back to that moment. Florence came on stage just as the weather cleared up and the sun was setting, turning the sky this gorgeous orange colour. Her voice is just unreal, and this song really got the crowd going. Dog Days Are over just sums up Summer for me as, I feel like it's about leaving the misery of Winter, work or any worries behind you, and just having some fun in the sun!" Image source | YouTube

5) Katy Perry - California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg

As recommended by Parie from Class & Glitter

"One song that reminds me of summer instantly is Katy Perry's California Gurls! As soon as I hear this song I picture myself on the beach, with drinks in one hand and all my friends beside me. The song puts me in a really good mood and gets me up, full of energy. I also love the video, even though it is very revealing it is fun, energetic and lively!" Image source | YouTube

6) The Deftones - Back to School

As recommended by Gillian from Eyeliner Flicks.

"Loud, punchy and the perfect summer tune for me. This song reminds me of attending summer festivals, sleeping in fields with a can of cider in one hand a head full of dry shampoo. It's a proper sing along anthem for the alternative rock child in everyone." Image source | YouTube

7) Avalanche City - Sunset

Recommended by my blogging bestie, Aria who blogs at All Souled OutShe also has a fab music blog, Holocene. Her music recommendations are always so on point! 

"The summer is supposed to feel like freedom. At least, that’s what I think of when I hear the word “summer”. Must have something to do with school and holidays. Now that I’m past that stage of life, this song makes any day feel like a holiday. Like I have hours and hours to do anything I please and maybe even cloud-gaze! It’s the feeling that everyone aches to feel again, captured in a song." Image source | YouTube

8) Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

Recommended by Lena from Foray into Fashion and Lena Hedges.

"An oldie but a goodie! It conjures up memories of the family in the car on a day out, with the kids singing along in the back and getting the words wrong. It is played so often in the car and garden during summer whilst they bounce on the trampoline, that even my 5 year old son's friend and my 6 year old cousin know the words (well almost know them). My sons friend moved away in the winter, yet the song came on recently when they were out and he was bouncing about and singing, so he hadn't forgotten. It's good to know I'm passing on a love of good music to the little people around me!" Image source | YouTube

9) The Ataris - Boys of Summer

Recommended by Lindsay from Scottish Outlander.

"The Ataris cover of the Don Henley classic The Boys of Summer is one of my favourite summer tunes. It reminds me of driving my first car on hot summer days with my sunglasses on and the windows down and it instantly puts a smile on my face. The lyrics are about a man determined to get a girl back and the upbeat pop-punk nature of the song is so positive its infectious." 
Image source | YouTube

10) Calvin Harris & Rihanna - We Found Love

Recommended by Sam from Coco Butter Blog.

"Even though it came out in September 2011, it was absolutely massive the next summer when I visited my now-husband (then he was just my boyfriend!) when he was working in Magaluf, it was in all the bars. We met in Magaluf as well so the title of the song kind of applies to us too! It's a really great summer dance tune and just puts me in a fabulous summer mood." YouTube

11) Empire of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

Recommended by El, one half of blogging duo, Thursdays Child.

"I chose this song because it reminds me of the islands I visited around the south of Thailand 4 years ago and brings back amazing memories for me!" Image source | YouTube

12) Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild

El from Thursdays Child told us that this is her blogging partner-in-crime's summer song of choice.

"She chose this song as it is her favourite driving song. She's on a roadtrip across Europe for 2 weeks at the moment so I imagine she's listened to this a few times." Image source | YouTube

13) ATB - 9pm till I come

Recommended by one of my favourite blogging girls, Fiona from Wishes, Hopes & Dreams

"It's from a time where Ibiza was the place everyone wanted to be during the summer. Although it came out when I was 16 it was played at every birthday party that summer and is now firmly on my summer playlist." Image source | YouTube

14) R√∂yksopp - Running To The Sea

Recommended by Georgia from Big Fashion Talk.

"This my ultimate summer song! Every time I listen to it, I think of sandy beaches, cocktails at beach bars, friends and bikinis! There is something in her voice that really gets me into a summer mood. When I need to decompress and think about a happy moment in my life, I press "play" on my ipod and immediately this song transfers me to my favorite Greek Island, Hydra. I can't wait to go back there again!" Image source | YouTube

15) Nicki Minaj - Starships

As recommended by Lorna from The Writing Greyhound.

"In the summer of 2012, ‘Starships’ was literally everywhere. Whenever I turned on the radio it seemed to be playing, and it quickly became one of those irritating overplayed songs. I soon knew every word to it (despite not wanting to) and I even found myself humming along to it on several occasions. That summer marked a big turning point in my life. As well as the London Olympics, 2012 was the year I finished my A Levels, left school, and moved away to university. Because ‘Starships’ was everywhere around that time, it kind of unintentionally became the soundtrack to that period of my life. I particularly remember it being played at my sixth form prom, and again (multiple times) in clubs during my Fresher’s Week. ‘Starships’ seemed to hang around forever so it became the soundtrack to my summer. Despite originally not liking the song, whenever I hear ‘Starships’ now it makes me nostalgic. For me, it’s one of those songs that will forever be ingrained in my memory because of what else was happening at the time. I know that whenever I hear ‘Starships’, I’ll immediately be transported back to the summer of 2012." Image source | YouTube

I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it; it's been great fun chatting to all the bloggers involved. Don't forget to check out their blogs if you're looking for a new read. 

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