Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipstick in 45

18 July 2015

This Week I'm Obsessed With... Rimmel Kate Moss Nude CollectionLipstick in 45

Nude lip shades and I have had a rocky past. It all started with another Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick (shade 03) that I thought was the bees knees until I saw photos of myself. With concealer-lips on fleek, I looked like an extra from Twilight, aka D.E.A.D. Not a good look. Since then, it has been an eternal struggle to find the perfect nude lipstick. I thought I'd found it in the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm but after a fiasco and a half, it ended in the disappointing products pile. A love affair with CK One Brainiac later, I still wasn't happy. Things took a pinky turn in the form of MAC Creme Cup (disaster all round) and a failed Makeup Revolution attempt left me high and dry. The struggle is real, people!

Thankfully trusty old Rimmel struck a goldmine with the idea that hmmm, maybe it's not a case of one size fits all... And so, the Kate Moss Nude Collection was born. Comprising both nail polishes and lipsticks, it was the latter of the two that got me interested. There are 5 shades of the Lasting Finish lipsticks (plus a lip balm), to target different skin tones and undertones, awesome credentials for a drugstore brand! The shade that gave me the heart-eyes emoji moment was 45, a pinky plum shade at the darker end of the nude spectrum.

This Week I'm Obsessed With... Rimmel Kate Moss Nude CollectionLipstick in 45

I tried the lipstick out as soon as I got home after buying it and instantly loved it. It just adds that bit of perfection to the lips: nothing too overdone, or too shiny (although it does have a bit of a sheen). On the lips it runs slightly paler than in the bullet, although for me it is still easy to pull off. The shade really reminds me of NYC Riverside Rose, which is the perfect throw-in-your-bag-product. I'm pretty confident this is going the same way. It's pretty impossible to go wrong with this shade. No mirror, no lipliner needed; just swipe and job's a good'un

The formula is perfectly pigmented, and feels very moisturising. On the downside, it has a strong sweet scent (coincidentally akin to the NYC product I mentioned) and the packaging also looks a little cheap. However for £5.49, you can't dwell on little details like that. I can imagine I'll get a lot of wear out of the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 45.

Could this be the perfect nude? Watch this space...

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