Zoella Beauty Let's Spritz! Body Mist

25 July 2015

YouTuber Zoe Sugg released her first bath and body collection last autumn, of which I picked up the body mist. I find it very similar to the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, and day-to-day, I prefer something a bit more fruity. So when Zoe released the details for her second collection, Tutti Fruity, my ears instantly pricked up. Like the previous collection, the packaging is gorgeous, and it is really affordable for Zoe's teenage fans (or those that prefer to spend their pennies on gin).

When I first smelled the range, I didn't think there was much to it, but I smelt it again in Superdrug and couldn't stop thinking about its addictive, pretty scent. Into my basket it went. The scent features notes of raspberry and cassis and is sweet and girlie, yet manages to still stay really fresh. Where Blissful Mistful was a dupe of another scent, Let's Spritz! is a little more individual.

With it's berry notes, the scent actually really reminds me of the likes of Esada Moon Sparkle, and Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. My old housemate had Midnight Fantasy, and whilst I loved it on her, it was all a little bit too strong for me. I still craved that berry scent however, and this fits the bill perfectly!

Despite an initial hit of alcohol, Let's Spritz! mellows out to leave a smooth, sweet on my body. It is very much a skin scent; very subtle, which disappointingly barely lasts an hour on me. Zoe's previous offering was more akin to a proper perfume in terms of lasting power, but this is much much lighter. I think it may almost ruin the scent if it was stronger however; it has such a pretty, ethereal quality as you get a breeze of it every now and again. There is something smooth in there, coconut perhaps, that makes it dreamy and addictive.

I'm really surprised about how much I like the Zoella Beauty Let's Spritz! body mist. The scent is fun and girlie, the packaging gorgeous and it is so affordable at just £8. I've also just picked up the body lotion in the same scent. Who knows, maybe that'll be What I'm Obsessed With... next week. Watch this space!

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