Why Haircare is More Like Hair Mare

7 July 2015

For the last six months, I've literally wanted to rip my hair out. I've tweeted about it a few times, asking for recommendations, but no one seems to have the same problem. Okay so my hair's never been shampoo advert worthy and I'm the laziest gal when it comes to styling, but that I can deal with. Recently I've been having problems with my scalp that means I never have a good hair day.

It all started with what has ended in a negative relationship with my hair dryer. I've never been a slave to the blow dry, but when I did use it, I'd make the mistake of not drying it properly, it would go really weird at the roots. I wouldn't even call it greasy, more like tacky; like it just wasn't dry. This would make my lengths lank, and look like they were in need of a wash, even though I'd literally just shampooed it. 

This only happened occasionally, so it was bareable. Then it started to happen even if I left my hair to dry naturally, which is what I've always done. I thought it could have been my shampoo, but switching it up didn't have an effect. I then tried reverse washing, and I thought I'd found the answer to my prayers. It seemed that I'd over stripped my hair, and against all logic, it really needed a good dousing of conditioner and moisturising shampoo (Lush Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar). I usually only condition the ends of my hair, so putting it in the roots really was an alien practice. However even this stopped working after a while

A few months ago, my scalp began to get really flaky, and pair this with greasy roots; believe me, this isn't a good luck. My main problem areas were my hairline and a small patch at the nape of my neck. I found that the Lush Big Shampoo (review) really helped to exfoliate away some of the dry skin, with it's salt particles, and it's coconut oil formula nourishes the scalp. However it is in no way perfect, and my hair still had it's skanky days.

I finally invested in the Neutrogena T-Gel Therapeutic Shampoo and it really did the trick, although it's strong tar smell really made it impractical, and I ended up not wanting to use it. Coming round into summer, my hair had been almost perfect, but since it has gotten unbearably hot, I've been right back at square one.

I was recommended Phyto by a very kind PR in conversation, so when I saw them in my local pharmacy, I eagerly eyed up their products. I wanted to try their dandruff shampoo, which is formulated for oily hair, but in the end I went for the Phytopanama Daily Balancing Shampoo (as they are quite pricey and I couldn't justify both). So far I've used Phytopanama twice, and it doesn't seem to be particularly helping my hair situation. I've realised I need to be a bit more patient with the products, so I'm treating them as I would skincare, and I'll give it about a month of testing. I'll probably pop up a full review of the shampoo as a follow-up to this post to let you know how I got on.

It's been a bit of a rambly one, but If you've had a similar hair experience, I'd love to hear about it, and if there are any products you recommend, do let me know. I've exhausted pretty much all options I can think of, so I really need a bit of help. Over to you...

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