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16 August 2015

This time last month for the very first Fitness Funk post, I set myself some goals (and subsequently forgot about them). Let's remind ourselves of my three goals for August:

• Set aside a certain time of the day to dedicate to exercise
• Start 30 Days of Yoga
• Double my plank time from 20 seconds to 40

Setting aside a regular time for exercise is something I haven't managed to do. As I'm dedicating more time to blogging, and leaving the rest of the time for watching Pretty Little Liars, I haven't had much spare time. I've not given planking even the slightest thought. On the plus side, it is something I could do while watching PLL on Netflix.



I've been terrible at motivating myself to go running. I'm ashamed to say that I've only managed it once. I always hate the first run after a break, and 8 months is quite some break. I didn't do a long run as I was running short on time (literally) and I did find it pretty difficult. I couldn't actually run much of a distance without getting out of breath. It wasn't great, but actually better than I thought it'd be, not having run in eight months *shudder*.


Yoga is something I've had a little more luck with. I started Yoga With Adriene's 30 Days of Yoga. I've been having some problems with my neck and shoulder recently, which I think has resulted from being slumped over a desk, so I avoided exercise for most of the month, but actually I've found adding some extra stretching into my routine (if you can call it that) has been really beneficial. 


I wasn't too strict on myself as I knew it was my first run, but I'm planning to follow a gentle introduction to 5k plan. I know I'll only be able to run once or twice a week, so my progress may be a little slower, but hopefully I'll be able to talk through what I've done in each run. I did notice that my ankles were a little unstable, so I'll be adding in some simple strengthening for the ankles. If you're interested in seeing that routine, let me know in the comments and I'll add what I've done into next month's Fitness Funk.


On a more positive note, I did discover some tracks that are perfect for running. Naturally John Newman's Running fits the bill, alongside some house beats from Ey Yo by Kant Vs MK. The final track on the playlist this month is Coma Cat by Tensnake, a song to cheer you up when the running gets tough.


• Complete the 30 Days of Yoga and report back
• Start a 5k running programme
• Improve my ankle strength and stability

What are your fitness goals?

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