Life|Style|FAVES: July 2015

2 August 2015

It's been a long old month has July, but it has seen some exciting changes on the blogging front. Most notably, another redesign! This time I have gone for a sleeker look, and I'm much happier with it (for now anyway). This month I also set up another blog, under the name Turquoise & Quills, specifically to explore my creative writing and musings that just don't fit in with the beauty vibe here, It's becoming a bit of a rollercoaster, juggling two blogs and a life, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Talking of my social life, I went to the cinema a few times near the start of July to see the Minions movie and Jurassic World. I really enjoyed both, but Jurassic World was the real stand-out for me. It's not the kind of film I would usually go for, but it had a really strong story that was gripping yet easy to follow, and incredible visual effects. Chris Pratt is particularly easy on the eye too, which really gives it the edge over Minions. Saying that, I loved the cuteness of Bob, Kevin and Stuart, and the soundtrack was awesome. 

I enjoyed some particularly awesome meals out in July, most notably those from Le Bistrot Pierre and Crafty St Martins (both in Leicester). I can whole heartedly recommend the Pork au Calvados from Le Bistrot Pierre, a delicious slow-roasted joint with wholegrain mustard, crunchy crackling and a deliciously moreish Calvados and apple jus. I ate at Crafty St Martins when I went to my very first blogger meet up, and it did not disappoint. Dirty burgers in the most delicious sense, I paired mine with Mexican-inspired avocado loaded fries and a beautiful pineapple gin cocktail with a twist of rosemary.

I'm currently about 3/4 of the way through the latest novel in the 50 Shades saga, this time a retelling of the first book from the view point of Christian Grey. Grey is almost like reminiscing and reliving the first book. I still feel a bit of a detachment from Grey, despite being the protagonist, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. 

I'm only just getting back into writing non-beauty favourites, but it's been lovely going back over the past month and thinking about what's made me smile. What has made you smile this month?

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