Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek

8 August 2015

Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek

This week I was overjoyed to be attending my very first brand event, and what a way to start, as it was with one of my favourite stores, Lush. I'd always seen blog posts about Lush events and have always wanted to go to one, yet Leicester has never been great for events. However that is all about to change. The lovely girls at Lush explained that they wanted to run more events for their future launches and get lots of bloggers involved. Speaking of the launches, this event was to preview their Autumn range. The new hair and skincare products are due to be launched at a later date, so this was their bath and shower range's time to shine. 

When I arrived with an army of Leicester bloggers, there were way more people at the event than I imagined there would be. I think some of them were the general public however, and I wasn't entirely sure who was a blogger outside of our little group. The only sure fire way to find out? Hone in on those avidly snapping pictures of the store's rainbow bright displays and those on the millionth attempt with the selfie stick. Because that wasn't us at all... *shifty eyes* 

Allowed to run loose, we were like kids in a sweet shop. Sidetracked by some crazy coloured cosmetics, we soon found ourselves before the stacks of bath bombs and bubbles. We all know that's the reason we all go into Lush. One thing I immediately noticed was that they had amped up the colours of all their bath bombs. It was like walking into an alternate reality, akin to scenes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek

The latest product launches include Frozen: a bath bomb inspired by a certain Disney movie, a reusable bubble bar in the shape of a Pink Flamingo, and Intergalactic, an 80s/space mash-up that leaves your bath the most beautiful midnight blue shade. Of course there's a whole host of new soaps and shower gels. Most exciting is the Comforter Shower Cream, a product I thought was an Oxford Street exclusive! I did pick up a few products, but I'll be going into that later on in the post. For now I'll leave you with some photos of the new launches. Grab a notepad and a pen because you will want to make a wishlist.

Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek Flamingo
Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek Frozen Bath Bomb
Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek Karma Bubble Bar
Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek Comforter Shower Cream

To our delight, there was even a workshop so we could make our own Comforter Bubble Bar*. How very convenient that I needed a new one. This was fab news, because the Comforter is one of my all-time favourite Lush products. It was so much fun to get our hands stuck in, moulding the two shades of scented dough together into the Bubble Bar we all know and love. What do you think of my attempt? 

Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek
Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek Comforter Bubble Bar

Naturally I ended up with a few of the products in my basket...

Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek
Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek
Lush Leicester Summer Sneak Peek

I ended up picking up the Frozen Bath Bomb (£3.95), scented with neroli and grapefruit, one of my favourite essential oil combinations. I can tell Lush are on to a good thing here... Karma was the very first Lush scent I tried, and I loved it's fresh orangey vibe. It just all smells very clean. Despite all its goodness, I hadn't used anything in the scent for a good few years, so when I saw the restyled Karma Bubble Bar (£4.25), I went weak at the knees. It is all very mystical, with its deep purple pyramid and jewel tones running through it, topped off with a dose of golden glitter. Visuals aside, the bubble bar itself feels very soft and crumbly, being packed with ultra moisturising mango and cocoa butters. 

The final bubble bar on the agenda is Milky Bath (£3.75). This is a more subtle scented product, featuring skimmed milk to soften the skin. It also has a cocoa butter glitter 'lid', which again softens the water. Both myself and the Lush sales assistants agreed that it smells like soft linen, or freshly washed sheets, so I'm really excited to use this. I mentioned the Comforter above, but newly launched is the Shower Cream (from £4.75) version of the scent. Thick and creamy in an incredible magenta pink, this contains cassis, bergamot and cypress oils to create a cosy, comforting scent. 

I also received a particularly generous goodie bag, which included lots of sample sized products as well as a few full size ones too, like another Frozen Bath Bomb*, and the Buffy Body Butter*. I'm quite tempted to put up a post featuring mini reviews of all these sample products as well as the few that I bought, so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks. All in all, I had a fab time at the Lush Leicester Sneak Peak, and the girls at Lush did a great job of hosting. It was so nice to see the blogging girls again, but the highlight had to be the delicious cupcakes and making my own Comforter Bubble Bar.

Are you going to be picking up any of the new Lush products?

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